Pikolins first smart mattress.

The future of modern resting is here, a technology that accompanies you while you rest and that helps you improve your resting habits and achieve a healthier lifestyle. The digital system has several sensors that measure and analyse important information to improve the quality of your rest, such as the room temperature, the stages of sleep, your movement while sleeping or your heart rate.
The P!K resting system by Pikolin consists of three elements:

The SmartPik® bracelet is equipped with different sensors that analyse the quality of your rest while you are wearing it and that work together with your SmartPik® mattress. This bracelet can be acquired on this website. Remember that the mattress comes with one bracelet; if you would like to acquire another one for the person that shares the bed with you, you can do so here. A different username is used by each person accessing the website; this way, each person can see their own information even if they share the bed.

The SmartPik® mattress is a premium mattress equipped with a smart device used together with a SmartPik® bracelet. It is able to measure aspects that could affect your sleep, such as your room temperature. Of course, you can use it without connecting it to the system.

You can download the SmartPik® application for free and synchronise it with your SmartPik® mattress and SmartPik® bracelet to see your rests statistics and receive personalised advice.

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Discover the three modes of Pikolins Pik App:


While you sleep, the SmartPik® technology registers your different stages of sleep: awake, light, deep and REM. You can customise your information to learn more about how you rest and, as a result, help you improve your quality of life.
Find out more about the stages of sleep.


Quality of rest is vital to enjoy a full day. And, the SmartPik® coach by Pikolin is your perfect help. It assesses the aspects that may affect your rest, your hours of sleep and your own assessment, and you will also receive personalised advice so you can make the most of your smart mattress.


The SmartPik® smart system by Pikolin analyses your calorie consumption and the temperature of the mattress, as well as your heart rate. Because love is also health.