Cot Mattresses

Cot Mattresses

Choosing the best cot mattress for your baby

A baby sleeping, is there anything else that transmits more peace? However, many parents would say that this image is a rare occurrence. The sleep of children children in their first years is the main concern for parents, but remain calm, because sleep is a habit that is also acquired with time.


At Pikolin, we have mattresses specifically designed to guarantee the suitable rest for the growth of a baby: The Cuna Nube Matress, the Cuna Soft Mattress and the Cuna Luna Mattress.

All children learn to sleep, but making things easier for them is a key factor in acquiring the habit every night. In this sense, the cot plays a key role, yof which the mattress is the main element.

Springs or no springs?

It is up to you, but your baby's mattress should be firm and breathable enough to adapt to his back, it should not feel hot and it should include anti-allergy treatments.

Choosing the cot mattress

Take into account that your son will be able to sleep in his cot until he is 2 or 3 years old, which are the most crucial years in his physical development. That is why choosing a good mattress that ensures a healthy and comfortable rest is so important.

How should it be?

Here is some advice we would like to give you, here at Pikolin, to ensure that you make the best choice when it come to your first mattress:

  • Make sure that you choose the correct size of mattress. Check the size of the cot mattress. The mattresses' height must have a thickness between 12 and 15 cm in order to bear the baby's weight. If the mattress is the wrong size, your baby may be trapped between the spaces left between the cot and the mattress. The space between the mattress and the cot should not be greater than 4 cm. The height should not be greater than 15 cm, or else when they grow and stand up, it will be easier for them to climb up the bars and get out of the cot.
  • Make sure that the mattress is firm, flat and is protected with a waterproof and breathable cover.
  • Avoid second-hand mattresses given by families or used by a previous son, since it will most probably have lost its initial characteristics.
  • Check that the mattress on which your baby is going to sleep conforms to the current safety requirements.
  • The mattress must adjust to the cot without leaving spaces on the sides greater than 4 cm.
  • Make sure that it is hypoallergenic. It must include a layer of full hygienic protection that acts as a barrier against dust mites, fungi and/or bacteria.

Regulations on cot mattresses

As a reference, European Directive 2001/95/EC refers to cot mattresses with the following provisions:

  • It specifies that the mattress should not be too soft, nor should it yield under the weight of the body, even if the baby stands up or walks on the mattress.
  • The stuffing should not suffer a permanent deformation that impedes the cover from fitting the mattress tightly.
  • It must cover the mattress base completely to avoid the baby's arms and legs from being trapped between the mattress and the cot.

All these indications are amply met by Pikolin products designed for babies.

Posture for babies when sleeping

LSpecialists in child health strongly recommend the following, which is endorsed by the Spanish Association of Paediatrics: all babies must be positioned face up when sleeping (supine position), (decúbito supino)except for a specific medical contraindication.

The PrevInfad work group, which belongs to the Spanish Paediatrics Association for Primary Care, specifies that we should avoid a face down position with the head sideways (prone position) during the baby's sleep, and adopt a face up position at least until they are six months old.


At Pikolin, we have two mattresses that are specifically designed to guarantee a rest suitable to the baby's growth: The Cloud Cot Mattress and the Soft Cot Mattress.


The Cloud cot mattress is manufactured with Confortcell, Viscofoam and Triple Barrera Pikolin technologies, and it provides a smooth adaptability, breathability and hygienic protection. Maximum comfort and durability.


The Soft cot mattress, on the other hand, features two types of technology: Confortcell and Triple Barrera, which acts against the main causes of allergies: dust mites, bacteria and fungi.

The Pikolin Group works every day to ensure the quality of rest for the young and the older, and it has a wide range of mattresses tailored to everybody's needs.


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