Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

If you are looking for a mattress made of cellular material, latex is an option

Latex is a natural or synthetic material used in cushioning. It provides a soft touch and adapts to the body.

Its firmness is usually average/low.

Nowadays, it is scarcely available on the market.


Latex: pleasant sensation without any pressure.


This is the cellular material leading the market's development of technical foams. Their differentiation is based on its internal structure made up of millions of small independent and elastic cells. It provides high resistance (comfort in the first contact and progressive firmness when lying down), which is distributed proportionally to the body weight, offering a perfect balance with superior ventilation and durability. It is a different way of conceiving foam.

HR FOAMS (high resilience or high density):

These are foams that have hardly anything in common with the mattresses used many years ago. The way of manufacturing has changed and improved radically. They are high quality products for people that prefer the comfort offered by cellular materials. They provide progressive comfort, high breathability and independent bedding. Pikolin's Confortcell is an example of this type of materials.


It is a heat-sensitive cellular material. Its main characteristic is that it reacts to temperature, that is, it remains firm if cold and it adapts to your body when it receives its heat, offering high adaptability. It is mostly used as a comfort layer, appropriately embracing the body in Spring or Foam mattresses and avoiding any possible warming effect or heat entrapment.


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