The company, which earned 433 million euros in 2020, maintains its commitment to sustainable and responsible growth

Pikolin presents its fourth RSC Report, which reflects the impact of the pandemic

  • It has since 2018 with the RSA seal (Social Responsibility of Aragon) granted by the Government of this community
  • PLAZA plant has the latest technology to optimize energy efficiency and ensure that all production processes are respectful of the planet
  • The company wanted to highlight this year learning the crises caused by the pandemic has led and is especially grateful to the staff efforts and sacrifices made
  • Pikolin closed 2020 with a turnover of 433 million euros, a figure that is valued positively considering the months in which the activity was closed due to health crisis

Zaragoza, June 1, 2021.- Pikolin today released its 4th Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the year 2020, a document that, on this occasion, is marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, its repercussions and consequences. Thus, the company includes a chapter entitled "Our response to COVID" which details both the measures taken to protect the health of employees, customers and suppliers as well as the solidarity actions carried out by the company: donations of medical supplies, rest, etc.


In addition, Pikolin wanted to highlight in his memory the lessons learned: "together we have learned that we are more flexible than we ever imagined, that we are agile and fast in the search for solutions to the challenges that arise". Likewise, the company emphasizes its gratitude to each and every one of the staff members for the efforts and sacrifices made, without which it would not have been possible to overcome the numerous obstacles caused by the pandemic.  


In this sense, Pikolin values very positively the sales figure (433 million euros) reached in 2020, a year marked by the health and economic crisis in which the activity was reduced or was directly closed for several months. As can be read in the memory in the words of its CEO, José Antonio González, "Pikolin maintains its firm commitment to sustained, sustainable and responsible growth".                                        


As on previous occasions, the Report reviews the achievements of the five UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to which Pikolin has been committed since 2018. Thus, Pikolin Health focused on SDG3, Health and Bienestar, redoubled its efforts in 2020 to guarantee a healthy work environment and ensure occupational safety, focusing especially on all the additional measures that have been necessary this year.


Regarding SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Pikolin has implemented the Pikolin Talent project, the objective of which is to search for and create job opportunities. In this way, the Pikolin Futuro program works with students by investing resources in training and professional development with a scholarship program to introduce them to the world of work. Pikolin relies on the UNIVERSA Guidance and Employment Service and the Fundación Empresa FEUZ, both from the University of Zaragoza.


The Pikolin Equality program focuses on the challenges of SDG10, Reduction of Inequalities, with lines of action both internally, with an Equality Plan that has been in operation for eight years, and with external actions that respond to the company's commitment with equality and diversity. Thus there is a clear commitment to female employment, carrying out training and awareness actions aimed at women at risk of social and labor exclusion. In addition, the company collaborates with various entities such as Adecco developing actions aimed at the labor integration of minority groups in the community of Aragon.


The challenges of SDG12, responsible production and consumption, are included in the Pikolin Planeta program, which aims to guarantee sustainable and responsible consumption and production models. A commitment that is reflected in all phases of the value chain. For example, the PLAZA plant has state-of-the-art technology to optimize energy efficiency and ensure that all production processes are respectful of the planet. Likewise, Pikolin works to obtain the ‘Zero Waste’ certification. In fact, all the waste generated in production processes is valued by authorized managers. Likewise, Pikolin maintains a clear commitment to the use of raw materials of recycled origin and to reducing the waste generated; for example, 100% of the cardboard that is used by the company has the PEFC certificate of responsible forest management


Finally, Pikolin Innova includes the challenges of SDG9, Innovation and Development. R&D is part of the company's DNA and is one of its growth engines. With more than 100 patents on the market, efforts are currently focused on putting innovation at the service not only of the product, but also of the consumer. Putting the consumer at the center is the way to guarantee the future growth of the Group.