Pikolin Advertising

Pikolin is one of the longest established brands in the world of rest products, one of the first ones to advertise and launch well-known and memorable advertising campaigns. Examples of these are the slogans ‘A mi plin, yo duermo en Pikolin’ (I do not care, I sleep on a Pikolin) from 1964 and the well-known ‘Símbolo de descanso’ (Symbol of rest) from 1985.
Today, Pikolin still believes in the brand and, based on this, it continues to invest in communication to connect with the consumer and contribute by way of various activities in the field of corporate social responsibility. The most recent examples of this are the Acoustic Health campaigns and the solidarity mattress campaign against breast cancer with Sonsoles Suárez. They always work with A list celebrities, among which are Ferrán Adriá, Carolina Cerezuela and actor Jordi Rebelló: ‘Doctor Vilches’.