Down pillows

The down pillows provide the luxury of the best hotels to rest and unbeatable comfort so that you sleep with maximum comfort.

Down pillows

The down pillows provide the luxury of the best hotels to rest and unbeatable comfort so that you sleep with maximum comfort.
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Advantages of Down Pillows

Down pillows are the most durable type thanks to their material and easy maintenance, as they can be machine washed and air dried. The outer cover of our down pillows is made of 100% cotton and this provides extra comfort and breathability. Down is a material that, in addition to having a great cosiness, is a natural thermoregulator, so they are perfect for people that experience temperature changes during the night.

We recommend using a pillow cover to preserve its properties and characteristics for a longer time and to protect it from any external agents that could damage it. This will also improve your hygiene, since what will have to be washed more frequently will be the cover.

The down pillows are available in different sizes. For example, for a 135-centimetre bed you can use two 70-centimetre pillows or for a 150-centimetre bed you can use two 75-centimetre pillows. This allows each person to maintain their independence to avoid bothering the other person. Plus, not everyone needs the same type of pillow, so this also allows us to have two different types.

Down Pillows - FAQs

How long can a down pillow last? ▼

Feather pillows are considered one of the most durable options on the market. Although we recommend changing them every 2 years to ensure that their properties remain intact, with proper maintenance they can last even longer in perfect condition.

How should I care for my down pillow? ▼

One of the main advantages of feather pillows is that they can be easily machine washed whenever necessary. In fact, we usually recommend washing the entire pillow every 2-3 months (as long as a pillowcase is also used and it is changed weekly).

Before washing, the pillow should always be examined to check that there is no break in the fabric that could facilitate the loss of feathers. Once in the washing machine, select a gentle cycle. Add a moderate amount of detergent to prevent residues from remaining on the pillow after rinsing.

Drying is very important for feather pillows, since if they are placed back on the bed without being completely dry, mould and bad odours can appear. Let them air dry until no moisture remains.

What are down pillows? ▼

Pikolin feather pillows are 100% natural pillows, filled with fine feathers and extra soft down, with a 100% cotton cover.

These pillows have a luxurious and exclusive touch which feels extraordinarily soft and which delicately envelop the head and neck during rest. They are highly breathable, machine washable and pleasantly light to the touch.

What feathers are used for pillows? ▼

To guarantee the extraordinary softness that is expected from any feather pillow, at Pikolin we pay special attention to the quality of its filling.

We carefully select fine feathers and extra-soft white goose down, obtaining light and enveloping pillows that pamper the head and neck throughout the night.

How do I remove bad odours from down pillows? ▼

A well cared for feather pillow, which is covered with a pillowcase and washed frequently (every 2 or 3 months), should not give off bad odours. If you notice a bad odour, there may be the presence of mould and/or other microorganisms.

In these cases, we recommend first washing it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle following the instructions on the label. Afterwards, let it air dry completely until the moisture has completely disappeared.

If, after the first wash, the bad odours persist, you can wash the pillow one more time, adding ¼ cup of baking soda or ¾ cup of white vinegar directly with the detergent.

After washing, leave the feather pillow for several hours to air out in the sun. The sun and fresh air will contribute to the elimination of those microorganisms that are causing the bad odours.

When are down pillows used? ▼

Depending on the model, feather pillows can have greater or lesser firmness. There will always be one that meets the needs of each sleeper.

Feather pillows are generally chosen for their luxurious appearance and extra soft touch, for their excellent breathability and great lightness.