How do you prefer the firmness of your mattress?

Do you prefer the mattress to be harder when you lay down? Or do you prefer it to adapt to you? Slide on the adviser the firmness that better adapts to your needs and we will help you pick the best one.


Do you sleep alone or with a partner?

This question is very important to determine which mattress and technology adapt best to you and your partner. If you sleep alone, we would only need you to guide us with your weight. However, if you sleep with a partner, we would need to know both of your separate weights to calculate the best option.


Are you cold-sensitive or heat-sensitive?

Do you prefer to sleep with several blankets or with a duvet? Of do you prefer to just sleep with sheets? Independently of how you prefer to sleep, we have the mattress that best adapts to your needs.


What position do you sleep in?

Each one of us sleeps in a different way: on our back, on our stomach, on our side, or we simply move a lot. Tell us what position you sleep in and we will help you choose the mattress that best adapts to you.


What is your budget?

Finally, we need to talk about the estimated budget you planned to spend on the purchase of your new mattress. In this way, we will show you those that best adapt to you and your pocket.