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How do online mattress quizzes work? ▼

Through a series of questions, the Pikolin mattress recommender shows you the mattresses that best match what you are looking for.

Are online mattress quizzes accurate? ▼

Thanks to the various questions asked by the recommender, the mattress results it will show you will be based on your needs. The more information you give the recommender about what you are looking for, the more accurate the result will be.

Can online quizzes determine the right firmness level for me? ▼

The Pikolin mattress recommender will show you the different types of firmness you can choose from, once you have selected the features you are most interested in.

Do these quizzes consider different sleeping positions? ▼

The rest position is not taken into account in this recommender, as Pikolin mattresses are ideal for any rest position.

What other factors do these quizzes consider? ▼

This recommender will ask you about the firmness and materials of the mattress. It will also take into account who the mattress will be for and what your budget is. With all this information plus any other special feature you want to highlight, the recommender will offer the best mattress option for you.

Can I trust the recommendations from an online quiz? ▼

Yes, you really can rely on mattress recommendations. The recommender will ask you about your needs and will show you the most suitable mattresses for you. Choosing a mattress will be really easy and simple.

What if I'm buying a mattress for a couple? ▼

Don’t worry, the recommender takes into account who the mattress is for, so if you want a double mattress, it will show you mattresses of this size.

Should I rely solely on an online quiz to make my decision? ▼

The recommender will make it easier for you to choose your mattress. It is a very simple way to compile all the features that are important to you and show you the mattress that best suits your needs.

What if I'm unsure about the results of the quiz? ▼

If you are not convinced by the result of the recommender, you can always do another search, selecting more specific features to make the result more accurate.