Our technologies

Our technologies

Core Technologies

Adapt-Tech ® 

Adapt-Tech® technology is formed by the core of pocket coil springs, independent from each other and packed in resistant and durable fabric.

Bultex ® 

Bultex® is the cellular material which has taken a leading role in the development of the foam technology market, thanks to its clear technological advantages. Thanks to millions of tiny individual, elastic cells, it provides proportional resistance to body weight for a perfect balance. Its adaptability, resistance and breathability make it ideal for the most demanding consumers.

Bultex Nanotech ® 

Bultex® has evolved; its molecular structure has been improved. Its new honeycomb structure makes it more resistant and lighter, which boosts hygiene and allows denser materials to be used in other layers. It also offers more comfort, more air circulation and more durability. 

Confortcel ® 

This high-resistance foam cellular material has a high level of adaptability and air circulation, which guarantees correct position for the back.

HR Foam ® 

HR Foam is a core technology material that acts as a perfect support in those mattresses that incorporate it. It is a cellular foam that has 2x the firmness thanks to its above-average SAG factor.

100% Latex ® 

Thanks to the flexibility of the latex core, it provides a soft and restorative rest. The core of 100% Latex® contains great flexibility, maintains temperature and has hygienic properties.

Normablock ® 

Normablock® is the most advanced z-shaped continuous thread spring system on the market and offers the necessary firmness and adaptability for total rest. 

In addition, Normablock® offers a higher level of firmness with Normablock® Firm

Normazone ®

Normazone® is the natural evolution of the Normablock continuous thread springs; it has 5 rest zones, which include a soft reception in the hip area. It allows the mattress to adapt to the natural contour and maintains its properties of durability, stability and sleep independence.

Just like Normablock, Normazone® offers a higher degree of firmness with Normazone® Firm+. In addition to offering that extra degree of firmness, Normazone® Firm+ is also different from the rest because it adapts to the morphology of each person thanks to its 5 zones.

Normasense ® 

The hybrid technology of Pikolin’s Normasense mattress provides a more adapted support for your back, thanks to an equal combination of advanced springs and foam in its interior, a revolutionary innovation which brings together the best of each rest system in order to provide greater comfort.

Normasense® offers an extra degree of firmness, Normasense® Firm+, which is characterised by its combination of springs with the high resilience and firmness cellular material. 

Padding Technologies

BioVisco® Foam

It is a padding technology produced by high density viscoelastic memory foam materials with natural ingredients incorporated into the comfort layer.

Coolfresh ®

The Coolfresh® cold thread outer fabric dissipates body heat and helps create a feeling of freshness. Its composition provides great breathability, protecting the fibres of the fabric and offering great air circulation.

Ecofiber ®

The Ecofiber® layer is a recycled fibre layer that favours breathability and provides a soft rest.

Fibercel ®

The Fibercel® comfort layer or padding technology is formed by an athermic fibre layer and a HR polyether layer; through the combination of its two layers, it creates ideal comfort together with better breathability.  

Athermic Fibre ® 

Athermic Fibre® consists of layers of fibre intertwined on a textile base. Its fusion structure forms a resistant and durable element that isolates the springs and gives it stability.

Hypoallergenic Fibre ® 

Hypoallergenic Fibre® allows perfect air circulation. This padding technology is a layer of fibre that allows the passage of air for a cooler rest while creating a soft comfort and facilitating breathability.

Polyester Fibre ® 

The Polyester Fibre® layer produces a gentle and soft feel when sleeping and provides greater breathability. This technology is thermoregulatory, which facilitates a higher quality of rest. 

Memory Foam ® 

Memory Foam® is a cellular material with a memory effect that supports the person based on their pressure and thermal footprint to adapt to their body shape.

Progression Fiber® 

The Progression Fiber® and Progression Fiber+® padding technology offer progressive comfort and a pleasant and soft feel when sleeping, thanks to an exceptional reception due to its materials.

Progression Visco®

Progression Visco® is a combination of HR Supersoft®, a high-density, low-firmness cellular material that adapts to the body, and Memory Foam®, a high-density viscoelastic with a memory effect that supports the person based on pressure and thermal footprint to adapt to the morphology of each person.

SanityCover ®  

The SanityCover® padding technology guarantees that there are no elements harmful to health in Pikolin mattresses. It is the ideal padding for those sleepers who are allergic or sensitive to dust. This SanityCover® padding fabric has anti-mite, mould and bacteria treatments. 

Seaqual ®

The outer Seaqual® fabric is manufactured with high-quality polyester thread made from recycled materials including post-consumer plastic bottles and plastic from the oceans. Thanks to this padding, the sleeper can experience a feeling of elevated comfort during rest.

Viscoelastic ® 

This viscoelastic foam padding technology takes care of reducing pressure points for a better pressure distribution. It also favours sleep quality, allowing the body to rest equally in all areas. 

Viscofoam ®

Viscofoam® is a padding technology that supports the person depending on pressure and their athermal footprint, adapting to the body shape of each sleeper. In addition, this technology takes care of reducing pressure points and tensions in the neck, head and cervical spine, and disperses the heat generated when sleeping. 

Windgel ®

Windgel® is a super-soft, high density cellular material that stands out for offering an exceptional rest by supporting our body gently to promote pressure relief and benefit the distension of the intervertebral discs.

Hygiene Technologies

Complete Barrier ® 

It is a comprehensive and specific system for rest that acts against mites, bacteria and fungi. It is exclusive to Bultex® and is incorporated to create a barrier on the padded covers and sides of the mattress, becoming the perfect place for an allergy-free rest.

Triple Barrier ® 

This exclusive Pikolin technology prevents the growth of mites, bacteria and fungi. 

Complete Protection ® 

It is a hygiene technology that acts against mites, bacteria and fungi. It inhibits the growth of harmful agents between the core and the layers of the mattress.

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