Our technologies

Our technologies

Core Technologies

Bultex ® 

Bultex® is the cellular material which has taken a leading role in the development of the foam technology market, thanks to its clear technological advantages. Thanks to millions of tiny individual, elastic cells, it provides proportional resistance to body weight for a perfect balance. Its adaptability, resistance and breathability make it ideal for the most demanding consumers.

Normablock ® 

Normablock® is the most advanced z-shaped continuous thread spring system on the market and offers the necessary firmness and adaptability for total rest. 

Normasense ® 

The hybrid technology of Pikolin’s Normasense mattress provides a more adapted support for your back, thanks to an equal combination of advanced springs and foam in its interior, a revolutionary innovation which brings together the best of each rest system in order to provide greater comfort.

Bultex Nanotech ® 

Bultex® has evolved; its molecular structure has been improved. Its new honeycomb structure makes it more resistant and lighter, which boosts hygiene and allows denser materials to be used in other layers. It also offers more comfort, more air circulation and more durability. 

Confortcel ® 

This high-resistance foam cellular material has a high level of adaptability and air circulation, which guarantees correct position for the back.

Hygiene Technologies

Triple Barrera ® 

This exclusive Pikolin technology prevents the growth of mites, bacteria and fungi. 

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