Welcome to the most advanced cellular rest.

Bultex® is the cellular material that has taken a leading role in the development of the foam technology market, thanks to its technological advantages.

Resistance and stability

The millions of tiny individual, elastic cells provide proportional resistance to the body weight of each person in order to create the perfect balance

Progressive adaptability

Its adaptability, resistance and breathability make it the ideal core for the mattress sought by the most demanding consumers. 

Synonymous with trust and quality

The more than 25 years that have passed since the brand was created, along with all the experience accumulated during this time, positions Bultex® as a trusted product that is synonymous with quality

Modernity, development and innovation

Bultex® stands out for using the latest technologies in innovation and development. The elasticity of Bultex® is optimal for rest.

Why is Bultex different from conventional foam?

Its foam is formed by small irregular honeycomb cells. The more irregular and different the cellular material that composes it, the more elastic properties it provides to the mattress

Different core technologies, depending on the degree of firmness

Bultex Comfort is the medium firmness core that actively acts in the areas where the body needs it most.

Bultex Firm is the maximum firmness option that favours a progressive reception, relieving pressure points on the body.

Your daily rest thanks to Bultex

What is Bultex Nanotech?

Bultex Nanotech is the evolution of cellular material. Maintaining all the properties of Bultex, its new honeycomb structure makes it more resistant and lighter

The advantages of Bultex Nanotech:

  • A much more comfortable mattress, for a longer time.
  • Its nano-alveolar structure improves air circulation and temperature regulation.
  • It also favours hygiene, eliminating moisture.
  • It achieves greater resistance with less weight.

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Important milestones in the history of Bultex