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Our technologies

The leading and most advanced cellular material on the market.

Bultex® is the cellular material which has taken a leading role in the development of the foam technology market, thanks to its clear technological advantages. Millions of tiny individual, elastic cells provide proportional resistance to body weight for a perfect balance. Its adaptability, resistance and breathability make it the ideal core for the mattress sought by the most demanding consumers. It is a breakthrough in the concept of upmarket rest. The more than 25 years that have passed since the brand was conceived, along with the best experience accumulated during this time, positions Bultex® as a trusted product and synonymous with quality.

BULTEX® is unique

Bultex® boasts clear ADVANTAGES over the other products in its category, making it unique:


  • Bultex® is manufactured according to a different process, from different materials and using the latest technologies in innovation and development which give the material exclusive properties.
  • The cells are more irregular and differently-sized, permitting Bultex®’s elasticity to be optimal in response to the sleeper’s movements during rest.
  • Each sleeper can move independently. The movements of each of the sleepers do not disturb the other.
  • Bultex® is a material that is 95% permeable to air. The cells that make up its structure are entirely open and interconnected, promoting optimal, natural air circulation. This makes the ideal circulation of air easier.
  • Bultex® mattresses have greater durability than the rest of the products in their category. They have better compression test results. This means that after extreme laboratory tests simulating the use of the mattress for 10 years, the results obtained by Bultex® are by far the best.
  • Bultex® also tops its category in what is referred to as the comfort factor, which measures the material’s capacity to return to its original shape after weight was applied to it. Every scientific study agrees that Bultex®’s properties are the best for supporting different weights (when we sleep) and then returning to its original shape (when we get up).
  • It is a healthy material. It offers 100% hygiene at rest thanks to its exclusive Barrera Total®. An exclusive anti-mite, bacteria and fungus treatment is applied comprehensively to each and every mattress element to make it completely hygienic.

Bultex® is the most advanced foam technology on the market. The design of its cells favours progressive adaptability, with absence of movement and the greatest level of inner air circulation on the market.

Bultex® elasticity

The cells are more irregular and differently-sized. Scientific studies* confirm that the more irregular the cellular material, the better the ELASTIC performance of the material. A perfect twelve-sided structure.


It can be said that Bultex®’s elasticity is optimal in response to sleepers’ movements during rest.


* Study by X.Zhu, JR. Hobdell & AH. Windle - Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, Cambridge University..

There are two options in the Bultex range to personalise your rest:

  • Firm comfort: for those who would like extra support.
  • Adaptable comfort: to account for the numerous times you change position while you sleep. It performs both statically and dynamically.

Key Characteristics

In recent years, the advances made in technology for rest-related products have been phenomenal. The development of machinery and research into new materials have paved the way for an amazing change in the way ideas such as foam technology are perceived.




Bultex® is manufactured with different levels of firmness which are combined to make: Bultex Soft, Bultex Comfort and Bultex Firm (from least firm to firmest), offering a wide range of sensations.





Bultex®’s elastic behaviour contributes to the lack of movement felt, both with individual and shared use of the mattress, allowing each sleeper to move independently, without the other being disturbed.



Heat dispersion:

Heat dispersion:

Bultex® has the highest permeability index on the market, with breathability levels of 95%. Its high resilience* (resistance) allows a particularly open molecular structure. This means that both air and moisture circulate freely within the core, offering a hygienic bed with temperature regulation that makes it cool in summer and cosy in winter.



Bultex’s creation dates back to the 1970s. At an upholstery foam manufacturing plant, the laboratory mixed several elements together in a tray and the resulting chemical reaction was a cellular material with astounding properties.

Different tests led to improved results: foam with exceptional resilience. And so Bultex was released in 1984, as well as the conception of the Bultex brand which was used to manufacture mattresses.

Research teams, in close collaboration with the Ghent University (Belgium), carried our relevant studies on the population looking at body shape. This research allows us to produce mattresses that have been designed according to comfort parameters related to the different types of body shapes that people have.

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