Our most comfortable mattress from only €49.99 a month

Finance the purchase of your Sleep mattress and do not wait to enjoy your rest!

Advantages of financing your purchases

0% interest

Finance your purchases without interest or fees. You only pay the price of the product. 

Finance your purchase for up to 12 months

 You can split your payment into instalments over 3, 4, 6, 10 or 12 months, depending on the purchase amount. 

Simple, quick and secure 

To finance your purchase, you must choose the Oney payment method.

From €29.24 a month


Pocket coil spring and visco mattress
Medium firmness
It adapts to any rest position
Enjoy a full night's rest

From €59.00 a moth


Progressive reception that acts actively
Medium firmness
Thermo-regulating padding
Pleasant sensation when sleeping

From €28.96 a month


Durable and resistant
Medium firmness
Enjoy extra-soft comfort
It offers a stable and cosy rest

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get financing in Pikolin with Oney? ▼

Select "Deferred payment with your bank card" as the method of payment.

1. Next, it will display the form in which you can view all of the detailed payment and financing information.

2. Choose the desired number of instalments to pay off the amount, then confirm and/or fill in your personal data.

3. Read and accept the terms and conditions by selecting the corresponding box.

4. Then enter the your VISA or Mastercard bank card data to authorize the first payment.

5. You will receive a confirmation summary e-mail of your order and a copy of your contract.


How many instalments can I split my purchase into in Pikolin with Oney? ▼

You can split your payment into instalments over 3, 4 or 6 months, depending on the purchase amount. The 3x 4x Oney form will show the number of instalments available for your purchase.

Am I able to split the payment of any purchase? ▼

No. You’re only able to split the payment of purchases between the amount of 90 and 2,500 euros with 3x 4x Oney on our website. The system detects the amount of your purchase and, if it meets these conditions, it will offer you the "Deferred payment with your bank card" option in the "Payment information" section.

Is there any additional charge for using this method of payment? ▼

No. Deferring your payment with 3x 4x Oney is completely free of charge. No commission or interest is added to the total amount of your purchase.

Which bank card do I need to have to be able to split my purchase? ▼

This payment method is valid for VISA or Mastercard cards, debit or credit, which have a validity date after the duration of the deferred payment method that you choose.

What information do I need to provide in order to split my purchase? ▼

You will only need a bank card and your ID. 3x 4x Oney is a simple, fast and secure payment option.