Duvet fillings

A duvet is the main element used to make our bed. Depending on the season for which we need it or the temperature of the room we will need one weight or another.

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Down or fibre duvets

Duvets are the main element used to warm the bed. It can have a down or fibre filling. In the case of fibre duvets, because the interior is synthetic, it does not generate allergies. Ecolofil silicone hollow fibre is completely breathable and very soft, which provides a lot of comfort when resting. In the case of the down filling, it is completely of natural origin: both its down interior and feathers used to make its exterior are 100% cotton.

For any filling, whether it is fibre or down, it is very important to know what the situation is like in our home and in the room to choose one weight or another. It all depends on the temperature in the room, the season or even the heating we have at home. While in spring, summer or when we have central heating or a room with a temperature higher than 21°, we will need a lower weight since we do not need so much heat. In autumn and winter or in colder temperatures, it is advisable to move to a heavier weight. Plus, in both fibre and down there are DUO options in which with some snap fastening you can join two duvets for improved warmth.

Many of our duvet fillings have special treatments and technologies that improve your rest and the way you sleep. Some examples are those with Triple Barrier protection, which is effective against mites, bacteria and mould, or the Aloe Vera dermoprotective treatment which is ideal for people with sensitive and atopic skin.