Frequently asked questions


What maintenance should I perform on my mattress to guarantee its optimal efficiency? ▼

Mattresses need minimal care to guarantee their maintenance in terms of hygiene and comfort.

We recommended rotating (left and right) and flipping if the mattress is double-sided (headboard to footboard). Perform these operations more frequently during the first few months of use for an optimal product efficiency.

Subsequently, we recommend the following: January and July are the months in which you can rotate the mattress, and April and October are the “chosen” months to flip it over or rotate it if the mattress is single-sided, thus guaranteeing a proper maintenance.

What cleaning tips should I follow? ▼

Cleaning the mattress with a HEPA-filter vacuum once a year is a good way to guarantee a proper maintenance, as it helps to eliminate possible allergens present in it.

We recommend regularly ventilating the room in order to maintain a healthy and pleasant climate. If your product contains mould stains, these are due to excess moisture, a room temperature that’s too low and a lack of air circulation.

Which mattress is the most suitable if I suffer from back pain? ▼

When purchasing a mattress, there are various important points to take into account. One of them is that the mattress should always adapt to the person sleeping on it, and never the other way round. In the case of people who suffer from back pain (lumbago or sciatica attacks), a mattress can help alleviate it.

Why can a wrong choice of mattress increase back pain? Fundamentally because it does not help keep it well aligned and increases pressure points. In the case of lower back pain or sciatica, the best choice will be a medium firmness mattress, although very hard mattresses are not the solution for fixing back pain.
When the mattress is firm enough, the muscles relax, the spine is aligned correctly, the back suffers much less and the shoulders and hips are much more comfortable.

One last fact! Although this is not directly related to the most appropriate mattress choice, if you have back pain, you should sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees. It may also be a good idea to sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs.

I have slept on a “Pikolin Contract” mattress or on a Pikolin mattress at a hotel. Where can I purchase one?▼

Pikolin Contract is not a specific model, but rather a range of Pikolin products that can be enjoyed at hotels.

You can contact us to discover your rest preferences, and we will recommend a Pikolin mattress that suits your needs.

What is the useful life of a mattress? ▼

The mattress deteriorates as its use progresses, like any product made with mechanical elements. It gradually loses its capacity to provide the comfort it had when you bought it. For an ordinary use, ASOCAMA (the Spanish Association of Mattress Manufacturers) recommends changing your mattress at least every 10 years for hygiene and health purposes.

What is the maximum weight that the mattress supports? ▼

For a normal use, we recommend up to 120 kg per person, that is, 240 kg for a two-person mattress. For use by a person weighing 90 kg, ASOCAMA (the Spanish Association of Mattress Manufacturers) recommends changing your mattress at least every 10 years. If you weigh above 90 kg, the ideal mattress will be one with good back support, especially Normablock springs.

What is the best mattress for heat-sensitive people? ▼

Every person has a different sensitivity to heat, which is why we have a wide range of products that adapt to different sensitivities. At Pikolin, we also have the FreshPIK mattress, which is the most ideal for heat-sensitive people. In all cases, we recommend spring and visco-free technology. You can consult our FreshPIK mattress here.

Does the mattress have any certification stating that it does not contain harmful fabrics or products? ▼

Our products are manufactured with materials that meet all requirements demanded by the current legislation to ensure that they only use materials that are not harmful to health.

Do Pikolin mattresses have antibacterial, anti-fungus and anti-mite treatments? ▼

Yes, triple barrier® is an exclusive Pikolin technology that acts on mites, bacteria and fungi, covering the widest spectrum of allergenic threats. It is a treatment applied to the mattress padding and side covers that works as a permanent filter.

Our Bultex® mattresses have the “Barrera Total®” (Total Barrier); they incorporate this powerful ingredient that permanently provides hygienic protection from the very heart of the mattress, acting against mites, bacteria and fungi. You can consult all of our technologies here.

I have allergies. Which mattress is best for me? ▼

The SanityPik mattress is a mattress that was endorsed by the Spanish Association of Allergology.

Is the mattress the same on both sides? ▼ Does it have a winter side and a summer side? ▼ How do you know which is which? ▼

Yes, the triple barrier® is an exclusive Pikolin technology that acts against mites and bacteria. The mattresses can be double or single-sided. If it is one-sided, the label is placed in such a way that the reading directions cause the sleeping side to be face up. If it is two-sided, most of the time it is the same on both sides, and the label location does not matter. If it has a winter side and a summer side. The label and embroidered handles always indicate that the winter side should be on top with the correct direction for reading the label.

How do I measure the height of a mattress? ▼

The height of our mattresses is an approximate measurement, as it is a product with a padded finish whose height may vary slightly. This can be a variation of +/- 1 cm. This is based on the European UNE-EN 1334 quality standard. This standard indicates that, when measuring mattresses, a tolerance of +/- 1 cm must be considered. Also, for mattresses that are sent rolled up, they may take a few hours to regain their height after being unpacked. You can find out more information about how to measure the height at this link.

What mattress do I need for a trundle bed? ▼

The height of the mattress will depend on the free space of your trundle bed and whether you want to store the mattress dressed (with the bed made) or undressed. You need to make sure you know the specific measurements of the product you are interested in, verifying the width and length in the corresponding technical data sheet.

With our trundle beds, you can choose from several alternatives (two heights for a trundle bed with a bed base and one height for a trundle bed with an upholstered base):

  • LT11702 Height +/- 42cm (2SR4003+1KT47013+1KT47050)

  • Two SR40003 bed bases + one KT47050 (upper sling kit) + one KT47013 (lower sling kit) form a complete trundle bed. In order to be able to remove the lower bed without any problems, the lower mattress must not measure more than 23 cm high without bedding. (Recommended Apple Compact CP17839 and Apple Mattress CP17838)

    Height +/-20 cm – CP17839

    Height +/-16 cm – CP17838

  • LT11704 Height +/- 38cm (2SR4003+1KT47013+1KT47049)

  • It is formed by two SR40003 bed bases + one KT47049 (upper sling kit) + one KT47013 (lower sling kit), which form a complete trundle bed. In order to be able to remove the lower bed without any problems, the lower mattress must not measure more than 18 cm high without bedding. (Recommended Apple mattress CP17838).

    If you prefer both sides of the trundle bed, upper and lower, to be the same height, you can opt for 2 mattresses of 20 cm (recommended Apple Compact CP17839)

    LT11703 Height +/- 38cm (2DL12080+1KT09881+1KT09880)

    It is formed by two DL12080 bed bases + one KT09880 (upper sling kit) + one KT09881 (lower sling kit). In order to be able to remove the lower bed without any problems, the lower mattress must not measure more than 19 cm high without bedding. (Recommended Apple Mattress CP17838).

    Height +/-16 cm – CP 17838

What mattress should I purchase if I have an adjustable bed base? ▼

Mattresses designed for adjustable bed bases have special construction characteristics, some of them with profiling (transversal marks made on the mattress block) whose objective is to facilitate the folding of the mattress without damaging it. On our website, we have some models suitable for an adjustable bed base such as ActivePIK Art, Casiopea Art, Emotion Art, Bit Art, Sensium, Pole and Art 20 Nova. You can consult all of our mattresses for an adjustable bed.

Why do I sink when I sit on the edges of the mattress? ▼

Mattresses are designed to be used completely lying down so that the weight is distributed across the entire surface. When sitting on the edge of a mattress, it is normal for it to sink more than the mattress yields when lying down. For this reason, it is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Can the mattresses show signs of collapse due to use or a “sleeper’s imprint”? ▼

It is a rest imprint that is produced in the mattress due to the padding, which complies with the tolerance expressed in the guarantee certificate. It is normal behaviour that does not imply it is going to get any worse. For this, we recommend rotating and flipping it (if the mattress has two sides), especially in the first few weeks of use.

Sleep independence. Will I notice if my partner moves in bed? ▼

Our mattresses are designed to minimise your partner’s movements, although the best way to avoid noticing them is with the DualPIK Dual and ActivePik Dual pocket coil spring mattresses.

How many centimetres of visco does the mattress have? ▼

In our mattresses, visco is merely one element of the mattress construction; it does not have a decisive influence on the level of comfort provided by it. The level of comfort of the mattress is defined by the set of layers. A high content of visco may cause the mattress to be excessively soft, which is why it is not always better to have more centimetres of visco.

Does the mattress label point up or down? ▼

Most mattresses are two-sided; both are equal, and the direction of the label does not matter.

In mattresses with visco, side A (with visco) is the one that, when facing up, has the label in such a way that it can be read from the front.

If the mattress has a winter and summer side, even if they are not visco, the label on the side always reads from right to left with the winter side on top.

Do the mattresses have removable covers? ▼

On the website you can consult the models that have a washable cover. We recommend dry cleaning the following models:

Which mattresses have a washable cover? ▼

The PikUp Kids models have a removable cover to guarantee maximum hygiene and mattress durability. Thanks to its built-in zipper, you can wash the cover in the washing machine with total ease whenever you wish:

  • CP21800 - PikUp Kids 15 cm
  • CP21799 - PikUp Kids 18 cm
  • CP21676 - PikUp Kids 20 cm
  • CP21760 - PikUp Baby

  • Which mattress is water-repellent and washable? ▼

    The PikUp Baby model incorporates a water-repellent treatment, which prevents both moderate water pressure and moisture. Unlike waterproof fabrics, water-repellent fabrics provide some breathability and prevent liquid from being absorbed. Moreover, thanks to its built-in zipper, you can wash the cover in the washing machine with total ease whenever you wish. PikUp Baby - CP21760

    What is the density of the mattress? ▼

    The core of our mattresses is designed with high resilience foam that offers the maximum level of satisfaction in product tests, in line with the organisation of the different layers and materials that the product is made of. The comfort level of a mattress is the combination of the different layers, each of which has different characteristics.

    Do the mattresses give off an odour? ▼

    As indicated in our guarantee certificate, mattresses may give off odours when unpacked. This is due to the composition of each model and to the hygienic plastic that protects it during shipping. However, this odour is normal and in no way harmful to health. This odour will disappear naturally in a few weeks, but if you want to speed up this process, we recommend that you ventilate the bedroom daily and avoid making the bed as soon as you get up, as this favours the aeration of the rest equipment.

    Which mattress do you recommend for children and what weight does it support? ▼

    A child needs a high firmness but comfortable mattress. Bear in mind that with this age group, it is important to protect the mattress with a waterproof and, above all, breathable protective cover for the child’s greatest comfort. Mattresses for children are recommended for weights up to 45 kg.

    What does a mattress with express service or rolled-up mean? ▼

    A rolled-up mattress, or in other words, a bed in a box, is a mattress that is placed in a box for express shipping to your home. It is a functional, very practical and comfortable rest concept with delivery and service in less than 72 hours.

    These mattresses are designed so that they can be rolled up and remain in that state only for the time needed to make the delivery, since they should be stored flat. They are rolled up to facilitate their transportation, as it allows them to be delivered in smaller vehicles, consuming less fuel, thus reducing the environmental impact and speeding up delivery times (delivery time of 72 hours). Of course, once you receive the product, you must unroll it within 15 days; otherwise, it may not recover its height.

    Remember that it is a rolled-up mattress, not a rollable one. Once it’s at your home, you cannot roll it up again. Additionally, given the characteristics of express delivery, we do not remove the used mattress. You can find all our rolled-up mattresses enrollados models here.

    How long do I need to wait before my rolled-up mattress will recover its full height? ▼

    The mattress will only need 2 hours to retake its shape.

    How long does my mattress spend rolled up? ▼

    It is minimal time, as it is rolled up when the order is made and is only inside the box during shipping.

    For how long can I keep my mattress rolled up? ▼

    We do not recommend keeping the mattress rolled up for more than 15 days.

    Bases and bed bases

    Why does the lid of the storage base lift when I do not have a mattress on top? ▼

    The mechanism of the storage base is designed to be used with a mattress; therefore, if you do not have a mattress on the folding base and you try to lower the lid, you will notice that it rises by itself. This mechanism works as such so that, on a daily basis, the manual opening can be made with little force when opening the storage base.

    Does the bed base or upholstered base come with legs? ▼

    On, as specified in the product description, the bed bases and bases are sold with 4 legs, which are included in the price indicated on the website, and this of course is only the RRP that applies to Each distributor will indicate the price and whether legs are included or not.

    Are all legs compatible with bed bases and bases? ▼

    The legs for upholstered bases have a different reference from the legs for bed bases.

    Bed bases need two sets of legs with reference JP18040 . (If you purchase a Pikolin bed base on the website, the legs are included in the price of the product)

    Upholstered bases are preferably installed with two sets of JP18000 legs or three JP18000, that is, six legs for people who are overweight..

    What legs do I need in order to join two bed bases together? ▼

    If you need to join 2 bed bases together, you would only need to purchase 1 additional set of JP18049 legs.

    What legs do I need to join two upholstered bases together? ▼

    If you need to join 2 upholstered bases together, you will need to purchase one set of VR9844 union flat strips and 2 additional sets of P18000 legs.

    What metric are the threads of the Pikolin legs for bed bases and divanlíns? ▼

    The legs for bed bases and divanlins all have a metric of 10.

    How is a folding storage base delivered? ▼

    It is delivered disassembled to facilitate transportation. The lid of the folding base for measurements less than 135 cm wide comes in one part. The lids for measurements greater than 160 cm wide are delivered in 2 parts. The thickness of the lid is 5 cm. The remaining parts are delivered in different boxes, in other words, the side rails, sides, bottom, pistons and screws are all loose elements that our specialised team brings in and assembles inside the home. It is important that you tell us the access measurements and if there are stairs (for two-story homes).

    Are there folding storage bases with a split lid? ▼

    We have folding storage bases with a double lid and a measurement of 150 cm wide or higher, which facilitates their delivery to addresses with difficult access.

    How are the folding storage bases measured? ▼

    To correctly measure the height of folding storage bases, you must take into account that the height we indicate is the total height of the storage base. In other words, the sum of the height of the basin and the height of the lid. This can be a variation of +/- 1 cm.

    How can I convert my bed base into a trundle bed? ▼

    To convert two Pikolin bed bases into a trundle bed, you will need a Reinforced Upper Sling Kit and a Lower Sling Kit.

    Can I screw a headboard to the storage base? ▼ Can Pikolin assemblers perform this installation for me? ▼

    This is a type of installation that the Pikolin installers do not do. If you decide to make holes in the headboard, it would be at your own risk and you would lose the guarantee.

    Does the lid on the folding or upholstered base have vertical and horizontal fastening bars? ▼

    The lid is a rectangular metal structure with a central bar and 5 bolsters perpendicular to the central bar. On top of it is a plate, upholstered in a laminated polyether fabric and a mesh.

    Why does my bed base measure less than the measurement I ordered? ▼

    There is always a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 2 cm.

    Do single bed bases not have a central bar? ▼

    Bed bases have a central bar in measurements greater than 105 cm wide.

    Can the lid of the folding storage bases be replaced by one with slats? ▼

    This is not possible. Our lids have a Breathable Base Air System (B.A.S.) manufactured with internal elements and 3D fabric to facilitate the optimal air circulation and aeration of the rest equipment.

    Can I place legs on a folding storage base? ▼

    All our folding storage bases are mounted directly on the floor, so they do not need legs.

    What legs are recommended for a rigid storage base? ▼

    Rigid storage bases (these are not folding storage bases) can be installed with various legs, but we recommend those that are 10 cm high. Storage base 12021 measures 21 cm, but the height of the storage base with the standard legs stands at 31 cm, which is the most common.


    How wide is my pillow? ▼

    The width of Pikolin pillows depends on the material they are made of:

    • Latex width: approximately 40 cm.
    • Visco width: approximately 35 cm.
    • Fibre width: approximately 35-37 cm.

    Which pillow should I choose if I like to sleep on my stomach? ▼

    The low firmness fibre pillows are specially designed for children. It is a good option if you are looking for a comfortable and soft pillow, or if your chosen rest position is on your stomach. Although sleeping on your stomach is the least recommended position, at Pikolin we offer the best pillows for sleeping in this position.

    Which pillow should I choose if I like to sleep on my side? ▼

    High firmness pillows are ideal for sleeping on your side. We recommend a pillow that allows your neck to be in a good position with respect to the rest of your body. You can view our recommended pillows for side sleepers here.

    Which pillow should I choose if I like to sleep on my back? ▼

    High-firmness or medium-high firmness pillows are suitable for sleeping on your back as they correctly control the weight of the neck and head on the mattress, guaranteeing a correct rest position. You will find a selection of pillows for sleeping on your back here.

    How should I maintain my down pillow? ▼

    Down pillows are machine washable. Use delicate programmes that, in principle, should not exceed 40 degrees and spin at low revolutions.

    Can my pillow have black feathers? ▼

    Sometimes geese have feathers in this colour, therefore it is completely natural. It is neither a defect nor dirt on the product.

    What are leg pillows used for? ▼

    Our viscoelastic leg pillow is designed to relieve pain in the legs and knees. It is an ergonomic pillow with high firmness, is foldable and has a zippered cover that can be removed for washing. Ideal if you sleep on your side with your knees together or like to rest with your legs up.

    What are ergonomic pillows used for? ▼

    We have a wide range of ergonomic visco pillows adapted to different needs.

    Toppers, duvets, covers and protectors

    Does the topper come with a bag to store and move it? ▼

    The topper arrives crated in plastic which must be disposed of to remove the topper and once unrolled, it cannot be rolled up again.

    What is the useful life of toppers? ▼

    The useful life of toppers is like that of mattresses: around 10 years.

    What size of protector should I choose? ▼

    The protector must have the same measurement as the bed, both in width and in length. Always take into account the height of the mattress and choose a protector with the appropriate height.

    What is the difference between a cover and a protector? ▼

    The mattress protector fits the mattress with its rubber bands on the sides, just like a fitted sheet, protecting the top of the mattress. On the contrary, the cover covers the mattress in its entirety, including the lower side, and closing with a zipper on one side.

    Does the water-resistant protector protect the entire surface of the mattress? ▼

    La membrana Smartseal garantiza la total impermeabilidad en la superficie. No obstante, los laterales han sido confeccionados con tejido elástico para un mejor ajuste, y éstos no son impermeables.The Smartseal membrane guarantees impermeability on the surface. However, the sides have been made with elastic fabric for a better fit, and they are not water-resistant.

    If you are looking for a protector that also protects the sides, we recommend our water-resistant mattress covers.

    Does the water-resistant protector make noise? ▼

    Our water-resistant protectors are made with a very thin lower PU sheet, which does not produce noise.

    How should I choose the duvet size? ▼

    Depending on the size of the bed, we will need a different sized duvet.

    Podrás ver una tabla comparativa en este post del blog.

    Is a down or fibre filling better? ▼

    The down filling is very effective if you want to sleep warm but without the heavy feeling. It is easier to transport and is ideal if you live in a humid climate, as it absorbs moisture.

    The heat provided by a fibre filling is directly proportional to its weight; for a higher calorific level, you need more weight. One of its advantages is that it is made from hypoallergenic fibres, which is very important if you have allergies.

    Aquí puedes encontrar las claves para encontrar el nórdico perfecto.

    Is it normal for my duvet to have poorly distributed feathers? ▼

    It is normal that when the filling is in a bag for a while, the feather concentrates in some specific points of it. Simply aerate the product so that it distributes evenly again.

    Shipping and assembly

    Is the mattress brought to my home? ▼

    If you have purchased a product on, the delivery of this order is carried out by Pikolin’s logistics service. We will deliver it to your address, take it into your home and assemble it, provided that it is not a product with express shipping (cot mattresses, boxed mattresses, pillows, bedding and as long as they are purchased separately), which would be delivered to your door.

    Are bed bases, bases and folding storage bases assembled at my home? ▼

    If you purchase a bed base, base or storage foundation, it is assembled in your home and the old one is removed, if you have requested this. The old one must be dismantled so that we can take it with us.

    Do you ship to the Balearic and Canary Islands? ▼

    Yes, we ship to the Balearic (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza) and Canary Islands.

    Do you ship to Ceuta and Melilla? ▼

    At the moment, we cannot ship to Ceuta or Melilla. You can consult our search engine for mattresses to find distributors in that area.

    Are there shipping costs? ▼ Is there an additional cost to bring a mattress to or assemble a base at my home? ▼
    Shipping area Shipping amount Shipping cost Assembly amount Removal of used items
    Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza) < €35,00 €6,00 FREE FREE (Used items are not removed with express delivery)
    > €35,00 FREE FREE FREE (Used items are not removed with express delivery)
    Canary Islands

    Anyone €15,00 FREE FREE (Used items are not removed with express delivery)
    Ceuta, Melilla and Formentera No home deliveries are made
    Will they take my old mattress or base? ▼

    With all mattresses and bases, the free removal of the old one is included. In other words, a mattress or base equivalent to what you had at home is removed. This does not apply if you have purchased an order with express delivery (cot mattresses, boxed mattresses, pillows, bedding). This type of order takes up less space and is sent by courier service, therefore, the free removal of the old item is not included.

    • Conditions of our home deliveries can be found here.
    Will they disassemble my old base? ▼

    When we remove the old base, it must be disassembled or suitable for removal without manipulation.

    Do you ship outside of Spain? ▼

    We currently make deliveries in Spain (except Ceuta and Melilla) and Continental Portugal.

    Do you ship on Saturdays? ▼

    As a general rule, we do not ship on Saturdays.

    Information of interest

    Where can I try a Pikolin product? ▼

    If the product is available to try at any official distributor, you can learn about it on our website. Look for the product that interests you, click on “I want to try it,” and you will be able to view the stores where you can try this product. Enter your postcode and select the closest store on the map. You can obtain more information on our mattress locator.

    I want to purchase a product, but I would like to know when it will arrive. ▼

    You can write “mattress or base delivery date” on our chat or WhatsApp 608 964 711 and follow the chat instructions, then enter your postcode and name or SKU reference for what you need to purchase, and we will inform you about its approximate delivery date.

    Where can I unsubscribe from all communications? ▼

    To unsubscribe from all Pikolin communications, please follow this link and complete the document.


    Can I change my delivery address? ▼

    If you contact us through our contact form, we will take care of changing the address if it has been less than 24 hours since you ordered, and it is not express shipping. If it is an express service and over 24 hours have passed, we will do everything possible to pass on the new address to the courier company. Please tell us the order number, telephone, and e-mail address indicated in the purchase and the correct address.

    How can I track my order? ▼

    Once you have placed the order on, you can manage your delivery by accessing the following link. . At this link, you simply have to enter your password, the telephone number you entered when you placed the order, the order number and your e-mail address.

    How can I track my order with express delivery? ▼

    Once the order has been placed and delivered to the transportation agency, they will provide you with a tracking number that you can use to consult the status of your order on their website.

    I have placed an order, and I would like to know when it will arrive. ▼

    You can write “delivery date of my order” on our chat or WhatsApp 608 964 711. . Follow the chat instructions, and we will inform you about its approximate delivery date.

    Payments and procedures

    I have not received a receipt for my order placed on ▼

    Please check your SPAM folder and that your bank account has been charged. If you have been charged and have not received the receipt, please contact us through the contact form or call us at 900 107 937 or 608 964 711 and we will resend the receipt to your e-mail address.

    On my receipt that I have received by email, there are prices in red whose sum is lower than the total price. Which amount is correct? ▼

    The prices in red that appear under the line of each product are the amounts without VAT. The final price includes VAT.

    I made a purchase at, and I want the invoice. ▼

    You can write to, indicating your name, address, telephone number, order and tax ID number, and we will send you the requested invoice by email.

    If you have made the purchase through our distributors, you must request the invoice directly from the establishment or website where you made the purchase.

    Can I cancel an order that I have placed through a distributor? ▼

    If you have not purchased through the website, you can contact the distributor where you placed the order. We can only cancel orders placed on our website.

    When will I be charged for the order? ▼

    The charge is instant if you select payment by card or PayPal. If you have chosen the split payment option, this will also be charged instantly, but only the first instalment.

    Is it possible to pay cash on delivery or by bank transfer? Does this entail more shipping costs? ▼

    We accept payments up front via transfer. To do this, please contact us at 900 107 937. However, we do not have the cash-on-delivery payment method available.

    On our website, you can pay with VISA credit card, Mastercard, American Express, with PayPal, with split payments or with 3x 4x 6x 12x financing with Oney, a quick and easy option to pay in instalments for up to 12 months. None of these have an additional cost to you.

    Guarantees and returns

    What is the deadline to return a product if I purchased it on the website? ▼

    If you made your purchase on, you can return your order within 30 calendar days after the delivery of your order, provided that the product is in perfect condition and that you meet the requirements. You can consult them in our Conditions of use and purchase. Remember we do not offer exchanges. If you wish to exchange one product for another, you must process a return and then place a new order.

    Please send us information regarding the order number, name and email address in writing to to proceed with the return. Our team will call you to collect the mattress and/or products purchased. Once we have it at our warehouse and we have checked its condition, we will proceed to refund the amount of your order.

    Does returning an order have a cost for the customer? ▼

    Provided that the product is in perfect condition and that you meet the requirements, which you can consult in our Conditions of use and purchase, the return will not cost you anything. If they are not fully met (the product has stains, snags or if it has been damaged after delivery, etc.), Pikolin reserves the right to add a maximum cost of €10 (VAT included). We will refund the amount once the merchandise has arrived at our warehouse, and we have checked that it is in the right condition.

    Likewise, you may assume possible extraordinary logistical expenses to proceed with the removal (for example, a crane, special measures, etc.), of which you will be previously informed.

    Pikolin will assume the return costs in cases of a faulty product when it is under guarantee.

    When will I receive my refund for a return on the website? ▼

    We will refund the amount for the order purchased on once the merchandise has arrived at our warehouse and we have checked it is in the right condition. From that moment, we will make the payment in less than 14 days. The wait time to receive the refund, once processed, varies depending on the payment method.

    If the product has a manufacturing defect while under guarantee, what should I do? ▼

    Our company guarantees an adequate service and an ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE of 3 years from the moment the product is purchased, offering the most appropriate solution for each case. Please contact us through our telephone number 976 300 884 or by completing the information in the following link.

    How many years of guarantee do Pikolin products have? ▼

    All our products have a guarantee of 3 years from January 2022. They are manufactured, sold and shipped by us; therefore, the complete chain is 100% guaranteed and we offer you services and products of enormous quality. In any case, if you encounter any type of incident even after those three years, we will find a way to solve it.