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Our technologies


Springs and foam in one single mattress: the best of both worlds. Foam and spring technologies. A totally innovative and exclusive comfort concept.

Why is it Normasense®?

This mattress’s hybrid technology uses the best of every rest system to obtain the highest level of comfort.


  • Zaragoza, 16 December 2015 The innovative technology of Pikolin’s Normasense mattress has been recognised as winner of Product of the Year 2016 in the Rest category. It is the only competition, with more than 10,000 direct votes from consumers, which chooses the year’s most innovative products.
  • The hybrid technology of Pikolin’s Normasense mattress provides a more adapted support for your back, thanks to an equal combination of advanced springs and foam in its interior, a revolutionary innovation which brings together the best of each rest system in order to provide greater comfort.
  • Some highlights of its main characteristics are: its ergonomic support, for accommodating the exact shape of the physical body; the separate zones of the mattress, to ensure each sleeper’s movements do not disturb the other; its stability, thanks to its cellular shock absorbers; its optimal air circulation and hygiene; and its durability.

It is the perfect combination of the best foams, the springs and the natural creation of ergonomic rest areas.


The NORMABLOCK® spring block is designed to offer greater firmness in the area of the body with the greatest weight: the lower back. The central third is reinforced with a higher density of springs, which provides greater resistance to subsidence. By preventing the hips from sinking into the mattress, NORMABLOCK® keeps the spine aligned, thus ensuring a fully ergonomic posture.




The combination of a sectioned spring unit and internal shock absorbers register the different shapes of the sleepers, contributing to a correct position for their back while they sleep, regardless of their position during sleep.





Its thermally-treated continuous thread structure add to increased durability and performance thanks to reduced friction within the core.





It absorbs the movements that we make while we sleep, promoting a peaceful rest since it allows each sleeper to move independently.





The mixed structure allows it to respond precisely to different weights, descending and ascending with high levels of stability and comfort.


Continuous thread spring unit

Lumbar support


  • Durability and robustness.
  • Natural mechanical air circulation.
  • Longitudinal absorption of movements.
  • Durability of the mattress.
  • Hygiene and air circulation of the rest system.
  • Lumbar support and sleeper’s independence for movement.

Internal Shock Absorbers


  • It allows an active support of the body.
  • Equal distribution of pressure.
  • Complete independence.
  • Maximum muscle relaxation.
  • Feeling of comfort.
  • Removes the bouncing sensation.

Ergonomic Areas


  • The natural curvature of the body is respected.
  • Improved extra lumbar support.
  • High precision support.
  • Ideal resting position.
  • Customized comfort.
  • Refreshing sleep.

Pikolin Normasense Has Been Selected as Product of the Year 2016

According to the results of a TNS study carried out with 10 058 people aged 18 to 55. THE CONSUMERS’ AWARD

The Product of the Year for Innovation, which celebrates its sixteenth edition this year, aims for the consumer to be the real protagonist when choosing ‘The Products of the Year’. For it, TNS consulting agency carried out a study using the votes of more than 10,000 people representative of the Spanish population.

This award has become a reference point among consumers, as 62% of the population knows about it, especially the younger generation, 72% associate it with a seal of quality guarantee and 70.8% trust it when it comes to purchasing a product on the market.

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