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Sales on mattresses

During the mattresses sale´s season you will be able to purchase single, double and king size mattresses or other bed accessories to help you get a better night´s rest at a truly unbeatable prices. Mattresses sales take place at the beginnig of the year, in January and February, and during the summer months. At these two occasions you will be able to find the latest deals on mattresses and more to renovate your bedroom and make it feel cozier and  more comfortable.

Take advantage of this sales so you can renovate the most important spot in your home. To sleep on a good rest and recharge, therefore, here in Pikolin we offer you the best and most competitives sales on mattresses, bed frames, pillowcases, duvets, sheets and any other bed accessories. You just need to choose the mattresses you need and profit from our bargains. There you will get up to 55% off on mattresses we fully recommend with the best value for money.

So browse our deals and set some of our discounted mattresses that will make you look forward to beadtime.