Sales in Mattresses

Enjoy up to 60% off discount in the sales on our Pikolin mattresses. Take advantage of our offers on mattresses to renew and buy your mattress at the best price.

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Best mattress deals 2024

The mattress sale is the time of the year when you can buy a mattress or any other product that helps to improve the comfort and quality of your rest. The mattress sales are concentrated at the beginning of the year, in January and February, and during the summer months. This way, you have two opportunities to get good discounts on mattresses during the year.

Take advantage of these mattress sales to renew the most important space in your home. Sleeping on a good mattress is as important as the rest. That's why at Pikolin we offer you the best discounts on mattresses, box springs, box springs, pillows, beds, duvet covers, sheets and many more accessories. All you have to do is choose the mattress you need and take advantage of our best discounts.

These sales are characterized by up to 60% discount on some of our best-selling mattresses and best value for money. In addition, we have a wide selection of products with attractive discounts such as lots of pillows, beds and canapés, trundle beds, duvet fillers and more accessories.

Improve your rest with the Pikolin mattress sales!


More information about 2024 sales at Pikolin

When are the 2024 sales at Pikolin? ▼

The Pikolin sales start in early January. For several weeks you can enjoy offers on mattresses. Our products will have up to 60% discount, so we recommend that you take this opportunity to purchase or renew your rest equipment. We have a wide range of products depending on your needs.

What products will be on offer in the 2024 sales at Pikolin? ▼

In the Pikolin sales, most of our products will have special discounts. Offers on mattresses will be available throughout this period of time. In all other product categories there will be offers available. You will be able to enjoy discounts on mattresses, pillows, bases and box springs.

The best deals on mattresses in the 2024 sales. ▼

Here is a selection of the best deals on mattresses in this Pikolin sale.

  • First of all, we recommend our mattresses from the SEAQUAL collection. The main feature of these mattresses is that they are made of a fabric created from recycled materials from the ocean. You can purchase both the GALEÓN and MARISMA models at an unbeatable price.

  • You will also have special discounts on PIKUP mattresses. The curious thing about this category is that they are rolled up mattresses. They have express delivery so you can have them in 72 hours. We recommend the PIKUP FUSSION model if you want to enjoy a high level of comfort.

  • And for the youngest members of the family we have the SOFT cot mattress + SWEET BEAR cot pack. It is the perfect combination to offer the best rest for babies.

How long are the 2024 sales at Pikolin? ▼

The Pikolin sales start at the beginning of January and run until the beging of March. During this period of time, you can enjoy special discounts on all categories of Pikolin products. Don't forget these dates to enjoy the sales on mattresses at Pikolin.

Why change my mattress in the 2024 sales? ▼

Take advantage of this time to buy your complete bed at a better price. Changing your mattress during the sales is a good idea as you can get the same products as always but with a special discount. We recommend that you compare the different models that interest you and choose the one that best suits your needs as you will get it at the best possible price.

Our offers on mattresses in the sales of 2024. ▼

Our sale offers will be present in all product categories. Even so, we recommend that you take a look at our promotions in packs, where you can purchase several products at a better price. We recommend the pack with the TOUR mattress + the white NATURBOX storage base + 2 MEMORY GEL pillows. There will also be offers in the pillows section, where you can choose the perfect pillow for you depending on your sleeping position. Finally, we recommend you take a look at our BULTEX mattresses, such as the DRACO model, which will give you an extra feeling of comfort by relieving pressure points.