Sales in Duvet Fillings

Experience luxury with up to 55% off our duvet fillings. Immerse yourself in warmth and comfort with our exclusive sales. Renew your sleep with affordability - make every night an affordable pleasure!

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Doubts about sales on duvet fillings

When do the sales on duvet fillings start? ▼

The sales on duvet fillings start in the first weeks of July, during this period you can buy your duvet filling at a special price.

Can I combine several products with the 55% discount? ▼

Yes, you can combine as many products as you want with the 55% discount. Each product will have the discount applied to its corresponding price.

When do the sales on duvet fillings end? ▼

The sales on duvet fillings will continue until the first days of September.

What is the return policy during the sales? ▼

During the sales period you can return the products within 30 days if you are not satisfied with them.

Are there any quantity restrictions when buying with the discount? ▼

You can buy as many duvet fillings as you need.

Do the sales apply to all available types of duvet fillings? ▼

There are discounted duvet fillings of all kinds, fibre filling, feather filling..., etc.

How can I make sure I receive information about future sales and promotions on duvet fillings? ▼

To make sure you don't miss out on any promotions, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter.

Are there any restrictions on sizes or discounted fillings?▼

Discounted fillings are available in most sizes for both single and double beds.