Sales in Beds

Renew your rest with up to 60% off discount on Pikolin beds. Irresistible quality/price ratio. Discover the comfort you deserve and take advantage of Pikolin's offers now!

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Doubts about bed sales

When do the Pikolin bed sales start and end? ▼

The Pikolin bed sales start in the first weeks of January and last until the beginning of March. During this period of time you can find the best deals on beds.

Which bed sizes are included in the 60% discount? ▼

You can find discounted beds in most of the sizes we have available at Pikolin.

How does the delivery service work for beds purchased at a discount? ▼

All our bed packs come with free shipping. In addition, we assemble the bed wherever you want without any additional cost... and if you need us to remove your old bed, you only have to indicate it when you place the order.

Is it possible to try the beds in shop before buying at a discount? ▼

Some of our bed models are also available at the physical store, so you can try them out.

Is there a guarantee on beds bought during the sales? ▼

Yes, all our beds are guaranteed for 3 years.

Are there any restrictions on colours or styles of discounted beds? ▼

Some of our bed models are available in various colours so you can choose the one that best suits your bedroom.

Does the discount apply to all beds? ▼

The vast majority of bed models can be found with a special discount during this sales period.

Are there any requirements to apply the 60% discount? ▼

No, the discounts are applied to the final sale price of the products.

What types of discounted beds are available at Pikolin? ▼

You can find different bed packs with discounts. We have packs consisting of mattress and box spring or bed base, cot packs and cot mattress. Choose from the wide variety of packs with discounts these sales 2024.