Sales in Pillows

Rest with the comfort you deserve: 55% off pillows! Don't miss the opportunity to improve your rest at an irresistible price, explore our offers and make every night a renewed pleasure!

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Doubts about sales on Pillows

When do the pillow sales start and end? ▼

You can enjoy the pillow sales from the first week of January. They will last until the beginning of March, but don't get lost! The discounted products will be updated.

Do additional discounts apply during special sales events? ▼

In our sale period we offer the best discounts on a selection of products.

Are there any restrictions on the size or type of discounted pillows? ▼

You will be able to find a wide range of discounted pillow models. Discounted pillows will be available in all sizes.

What is the return policy for pillows purchased during the sales? ▼

If you are not satisfied with the pillows you bought during the sales period, you can return them within 30 days.

Are sales on pillows also available for online shopping? ▼

You can buy discount pillows at pikolin.com.

Are feather pillows also included in the sales? ▼

Yes, some of our feather pillow models will have an additional discount during the sales period.

Do the sales also apply to pillow accessories such as pillow cases, pillow protectors or pillows? ▼

Yes, pillow protectors and pillowcases also have an additional discount during the sales period.

Is there a difference in the discount between feather pillows, memory foam or other materials? ▼

You can find discounted pillows in all categories.

Which pillow sizes are included in the 60% discount? ▼

All pillow sizes are included in the 60% discounts.