Sales in Sheets and Protectors

Immerse yourself in softness and comfort with our discounts on sheets and protectors. Exclusive discounts to renew your bedroom - make every night an affordable pleasure!

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Doubts about sales on sheets and protectors

When do the bed linen sales start?▼

The sales on Pikolin bed linen start in the first weeks of January and last until the beginning of March. During this period of time you can find the best offers on bed sheets.

Can I combine several offers or coupons with the 60% discount? ▼

Depending on the time of the sale, a different selection of products will be available, so we recommend that you take advantage of the offers as soon as possible.

How long will the sales on bed linen last? ▼

The sales and offers on bed linen will continue until the beginning of March.

What is the return policy during the sales? ▼

You have 30 days to return your product if you are not satisfied.

Are there any quantity restrictions when buying with the discount? ▼

You can buy as many discounted sheets as you wish.

Do the discounts apply to all available ranges of bed linen? ▼

The bed linen discounts will be applied to a specific selection of models.

Are there any financing or instalment payment options available during the sales? ▼

You can finance your orders during the sales period by selecting the payment method financed through Oney.

Do the sales also apply to bedroom accessories such as pillowcases? ▼

Some pillowcase models will also have a special discount during the sales period.

How can I make sure I receive information about future sales and promotions on bed linen? ▼

So that you don't miss out on any bed linen promotions. We recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter. We will inform you by e-mail of all the new promotions we have.

Are there any restrictions on sizes or discounted colours? ▼

Depending on the model of the product you can get one discount or another, but most models are available in various colours.