Medium-high firmness visco roll-up and pocket coil spring mattress - PIKUP FUSSION

Pikolin PIKUP mattresses are an invitation to make the most of your rest so you can do everything you enjoy and have a more active lifestyle. Pikolin PIKUP is a roll-up mattress that arrives at your home in 72 hours in a box that is easy to transport and handle. You only have to open the box, unroll it and wait for it to recover its shape. Then you can enjoy the best rest that only a Pikolin mattress can provide. PIK UP FUSION is the premium model among PIKUP mattresses. Therefore, it offers the highest level of comfort and a point-by-point response to your body weight thanks to its core of Adapt-Tech pocket coil springs. With medium-high firmness and a height of +/- 27 centimetres, this pocket coil spring mattress has a padding that combines a super-soft layer of polyether foam and a viscoelastic layer to generate a feeling of extra soft comfort. This level of comfort is accompanied by the Triple Barrier total hygiene protection technology, which protects the mattress against the development of the main bacterial sources: mites, bacteria and fungi. All mattresses manufactured by Pikolin have the Sustainable Pikolin seal and are manufactured sustainably and responsibly with the highest guarantee and quality standards. Thus, over 60% of the plastic used for their packaging and 100% of the cardboard used for their boxes are of recycled origin. In the case of spring mattresses, 65% of the steel blocks are also of recycled origin.
Altura: +/-27,00cm
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Why buy this Pikolin Adapt Tech® pocket spring core mattress?

Adapt Tech® pocket spring mattresses have all the technologies you need to sleep well every night. The pocket springs adapt to the sleep of every person, offering great adaptability and ventilation during sleep.
Thanks to their careful design, these mattresses help your muscles to relax fully every night, a perfect benefit to sleep in harmony every night. The shock absorber on these mattresses provides them with a perfect stability, whereas the Adapt Tech® pocket spring system ensures that the mattress adapts to your most comfortable position every night to obtain a fully restful sleep.


  • Adapt Tech®: This mattress has the Adapt Tech® technology. The core of this mattress is made from pocket springs and has the special feature of adapting point by point to your body.

  • Viscofoam®: The Viscofoam® technology in the padding of this mattress is responsible for reducing pressure points and tensions on the neck, head and cervical spine.


  • Tejido exterior: POLIESTER:100 %
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