HR foam 18 cm high mattress for children with washable cover - PIKUP KIDS

HR foam 18 cm high mattress
With high firmness and great comfort
Ideal for children, with a washable cover
Altura: +/-18 cm
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The 18 cm PIKUP Kids mattress, thanks to its high firmness, is key for the correct position development of the little ones. This mattress is made from high-resilience cellular material, which combines with a layer of athermic fibre and another of polyester fibre to create a soft and fresh comfort. PIKUP Kids has a removable cover to guarantee maximum hygiene and the durability of the mattress. Thanks to its incorporated zipper, you can wash the cover in the washing machine with total ease whenever you wish. It offers 72-hour express shipping, so in just a few days, your little one will be able to enjoy their rest on their new PIKUP Kids.

1. Stretch fabric, the soft feel that makes you feel comfortable.
2. Its layer of polyester fibre allows the passage of air for a fresher rest.
3. Medium firmness foam: it provides perfect comfort and support for the spine, adapting to each person. 

Cellular foam that adapts perfectly to the weight of a person when lying down, offering a customised firmness.

High adaptability

It contains cellular foam that develops a double firmness performance. The reaction will be different depending on the weight placed on top. The more weight, the more firmness.

Air circulation

Thanks to the pores of the core material, it provides a renewed and healthy rest environment.

High durability

Thanks to the high firmness of the HR foam, it guarantees an optimal performance during the useful life of the mattress. It also provides comfort and good support for the spine.

Product details


  • Core technology: Cellular foam that adapts perfectly to the weight of a person when lying down, offering a customised firmness.

  • Polyester fibre: Polyester fibre generates an air chamber to control temperature when sleeping.


  • At Pikolin, we have developed a new methodology to be able to send our mattresses in a more effective and efficient way. For this reason, this mattress is rolled up before being sent to facilitate its distribution. You can enjoy this mattress in less than 72 hours.

  • Thanks to its layer that combines athermic fibre with polyester fibre, it guarantees a high level of breathability.

  • Covered with a washable cover that guarantees the hygiene and durability of the mattress.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester
  • Layers: athermic fibre layer, polyether fibre layer and HR foam
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