Bultex Nanotech advanced cellular material mattress - SIM

Mattress with a Bultex Nanotech core
With very high firmness for the ideal support
Enjoy high comfort
It adapts point by point to each area
Altura: +/-22,00cm
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Sorry, this product is discontinued

Sim is an advanced Bultex Nanotech advanced cellular material high-firmness mattress combined with a layer of athermic fibre. It adapts to the weight and muscles to provide precise support. The technology of this mattress provides greater adaptability and personalises the rest of every sleeper thanks to the core profiling in 3 areas. Its athermic fibre layer creates smooth comfort by letting air to continuously pass through while you rest.

With the Bultex Nanotech Firm technology with Zonetech, you get a precise comfort, providing a personalised support

More comfortable

Bultex Nanotech favours greater comfort thanks to its nano cellular composition. With Zonetech® technology, the profiling of its core in 3 areas, provides a personalised rest for each sleeper. It works by relieving the pressure of the hip area.

More air circulation

Air circulation is essential for a good rest. This core facilitates a constant air flow that generates hygiene, temperature control and an environment that facilitates a quality rest.

More long-lasting

This composition creates a mesh around the nano-molecules, ensuring that comfort remains intact over the passage of time by preserving the resistance of the mattress.

More firmness

The Firm option is the maximum firmness option that achieves an ideal support for resting the back.

Product details


  • Core technology: Butex Nanotech Firm adapts to the weight and muscles to provide the precise support. The Zonetech technology provides greater adaptability and customises the rest of every sleeper thanks to the core profiling into three areas.


  • Due its composition and its Bultex Nanotech technology, this mattress adapts to your rest and customises it. It adapts to your weight and provides great adaptability to rest. Therefore, it offers a more restorative rest.

  • Thanks to its layer that combines athermic fibre with polyester fibre, it guarantees a high level of breathability.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester
  • Layers: stretch fabric, athermic fibre and Bultex Nanotech® Firm with Zonetech
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