Our novelties in Pillows

Pillows and quilts are indispensable elements to create a cosy atmosphere.


Cushions and cushion fillings

They play an important role in the decoration. They are usually the same colour as other decorative elements in the room, contrasting with the colour of the sheets.

Fiber pillows

We have the perfect models to sleep as a couple. Low, medium, high and high firmness.


Viscoelastic pillows

You will find the most affordable models. Perfect if you're looking to get a good night's sleep and avoid neck, shoulder and back pain.

Latex pillows

Recommended for people with allergies due to its breathability and resilience.

Down pillows

They provide relaxation with the luxury of the best hotels and unparalleled comfort.


They protect the filling, absorb excess moisture and offer an extra soft feel.

Our advice

Types of pillows

Choose your pillow wisely