Paula Ortiz into the marketing world with Pikolin

Paula Ortiz makes her entry into the marketing world - hand-in-hand with Pikolin. Ortiz - whose film “De tu ventana a la mía" (English title - Chrysalis) was awarded the Prize for Best Soundtrack and received a special jury mention at the Shanghai International Film Festival - has now moved in a new direction by making television commercials. Pikolin - an Aragonese company - is thus drawing on talent from its own Region for its campaign to launch its new ranges of mattresses.

Zaragoza, 27 June 2012

After her recent triumph at the Shanghai International Film Festival, Paula Ortiz has been commissioned to direct Pikolin's latest advertising campaign. The advertisements are already being aired and showcase Pikolin's new mattress collections for 2012.

In her first move into the world of consumer marketing, the director of “De tu ventana a la mía” has made three advertisements for Pikolin. The campaign, which will be aired throughout the summer on national television, will show another side of the Aragonese director, whose particular vision runs through these commercials.

“For me and my team, the opportunity to move into marketing hand-in-hand with Pikolin - which is a byword for product prestige and quality - and so be able to evoke worlds of rest and calm, has been a wonderful gift to me as an audio-visual storyteller. The concepts behind Pikolin's two collections #me Practik and neo have allowed us to go in two very different creative directions, each with its own special feel, though both are based on symbols of health and rest. Additionally, filming a major advertising campaign on our own home turf, for a leading company in the Region which invests in local talent, has been a privilege we are deeply grateful for,' she said.

Ana Robledo, the Pikolin Group's Director of Marketing and Communications has praised the quality and sensitivity of Ortiz's work, which she says, "perfectly connects with our brand's values."
“Choosing Paula Ortiz is not just a wise choice on our part, it's also a commitment to all the youthful talent in Aragon. A company with such strong roots in the Region simply couldn't miss the opportunity of working with such a powerfully creative talent, and it's our privilege to be able to offer her a new medium in which that creativity can be expressed," Robledo said.

Paula Ortiz's commercials will spread the word about the company's two new product collections: #me Practik and neo. The latter is aimed at consumers who demand the best in sleep products. With this new special offer, Pikolin wants to make clear that we are all individuals, and what each of us needs in order to get a good night's rest will depend on our own physical condition and personal tastes. Pikolin's experience is the best guarantee when it comes to offering a personalised recommendation for a healthy night's sleep. It thus shows that the purchaser should not buy based on technology, but based on his or her personal needs.


Paula Ortiz has just returned to Spain after her success at the Shanghai International Film Festival, where her film was the only Spanish entry in the official competition. It was awarded the Prize for the Best Soundtrack, and there were special jury mentions for both the director and actors. It was also the most popular film with the general public at the festival, who went to see it in large numbers.

This recognition, together with her Pilar Miró Prize for Best New Director, which she had already collected at the last Valladolid International Film Festival, is a significant boost to her career. She can now expect to find her work on the programmes of film festivals around the world.

About the Pikolin Group

With a turnover of 383 m euros, Pikolin is the second-largest European sleep products group, and the market leader in Spain, France and Portugal. It has seven production plants in Europe and two in South-east Asia. It comprises twelve brands: Pikolin, Bultex, Swissflex, Lattoflex, Serta, Dunlopillo, Orthorest, Epeda, Merinos, Sema, Sunlay and Mediterraneo. A major investment in R&D&i and access to leading international technologies have given the group a competitive edge both for now and in the future.

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