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100% natural and breathable down topper
It feels weightless, on a par with a luxury hotel
Generates a delicate sensation of weightlessness, ideal for sleep
With elastic bands to adjust it easily to the mattress
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This mattress topper is designed to elevate the sleeping experience, as if it were a luxury hotel. Its down filling, perfectly distributed in squares, provides a great feeling of cosiness and softness. Thanks to its downproof treatment, the down stays in place so that it cannot escape to the outside. The extra-soft texture of our topper combines with great breathability to create a comfortable sleeping environment. It is an ideal complement to mattresses up to 32 cm high.

Multiply the comfort of your rest in one step

Different materials for different tastes

Fibre, viscoelastic or feather: the materials of our toppers are tailored to your preferences. The fibre topper is totally hypoallergenic, the viscoelastic topper adapts like no other to the morphology of your body and the feather topper is natural, the one you've always had, to sleep like in the best hotels.

Maximum breathability

Where there is no proper perspiration, there is no rest. That's why our toppers are highly breathable, preventing excessive perspiration and guaranteeing maximum comfort.


El tejido con el que están embolsados los muelles permite la circulación y el paso del aire en el núcleo de este colchón.


  • Our feather toppers/mattress covers are characterised by their high levels of cosiness, wrapping around you and offering you hotel-quality comfort.

  • The quilted construction allows for better heat distribution and prevents feathers from moving.

  • Thanks to the cotton cover and natural feather interior, this topper or mattress cover is extra soft and very breathable.


  • Outer fabric: 100% cotton with downproof treatment that prevents feathers from escaping.

  • Filling: 85% feather - 15% down.

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