Breathable base with cherry coloured 3D upholstery - DIVANLIN 3D

Cherry-coloured base with 3D upholstery
Guarantees the air circulation and stability of the rest equipment
Includes 4 cherry-coloured legs that are 25.3 cm high
Setup and free collection of the old base included
Altura: +/-7,00cm
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Our Pikolin upholstered bases offer optimum air circulation thanks to the Base Air System and Double Support. You can use them with any of our mattresses! And thanks to its breathable 3D fabric, they become the ideal complement to extend their useful life, and they also offer the best air circulation. With this bed there are included four 25,3 cm bed legs.

Breathable base with 3D upholstery in various colour options

The most affordable upholstered base

The base that takes up little space, does not cost a lot of money and provides you with the quality you're looking for.

Integrated upholstered metal structure

Integrated metal structure upholstered with 3D breathable fabric; it is the perfect complement to any Pikolin mattress.

Product details


  • Thanks to the great variety of Pikolin bases, you can choose the design that best suits your needs.

  • This storage base has a breathable lid upholstered with 3D fabric that provides air circulation to your rest.



  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester together with a synthetic leather and 3D breathable upholstery
  • Base Air System (B.A.S.): all its elements have been manufactured to facilitate the optimal air circulation and aeration of the rest equipment
  • Double Support (D.S.): double support that, in addition to increasing the resistance and durability of the base, guarantees a perfect support
  • Mixed upholstery: synthetic leather fabric on the perimeter and breathable 3D fabric in the central area
  • Prepared to incorporate four or six legs with a height of 25.3 cm
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