MARISMA pocket coil spring mattress with viscoelastic + white storage base

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Enjoy the best rest with this pack of mattress and folding storage base. The mattress is composed of a core of pocket springs Adapt-Tech and Progression Visco padding, which will favour a total adaptation. In addition, you will have extra storage space thanks to the Naturbox wooden storage base in white.

1. Outer Seaqual Fabric manufactured with high-quality polyester thread made from recycled materials from the oceans.
2. Progression Visco: this is a combination of Supersoft®, high-density and low-firmness cellular material that adapts to the body, and Viscofoam®, high-density viscoelastic with memory effect that adjusts depending on the pressure and thermal footprint to adapt to the morphology of each person.
3. High-density Reinforced Polyether: shock absorbing, which provides comfortable stability during rest.
4. Adapt-Tech® Core: pocket coil springs that adapt point by point to the morphology of each sleeper and favours sleep independence.
5. Breathable mesh fabric underneath.
6. It has four stitched-on handles, which prove useful when handling the mattress.
T. Triple Barrier®: Complete and continuous hygienic protection. This barrier protects the user against the main causes of allergies, including mites, bacteria, and fungi, throughout the useful life of the mattress.

Adapt-Tech: Pocket-coil innerspring unit, independent from each other and packed in resistant and durable fabric.


The shock absorber on these mattresses provides them with a perfect stability, whereas the Adapt Tech® pocket coil spring system ensures that the mattress adapts to your most comfortable position every night to obtain a fully restorative rest.


No transmission of movements from one part of the bed to the other. If you share a rest space, you will not have to worry about the other person’s movements as this core of springs adapts point by point to each morphology.

Air circulation

The fabric into which the springs are packed allows air circulation and the passage of air in the core of this mattress.

Product details


  • Core technology: Pocket-coil innerspring unit, independent from each other and packed in resistant and durable fabric.

  • Padding tecnology: Progression Visco® offers progressive comfort and total adaptation supporting the body for a greater feeling of comfort. It will protect you from the heat effect of the viscoelastic material while regulating the temperature that the body experiences throughout the night.



  • Thanks to the Adapt-Tech pocket spring technology, this mattress offers three different stable zones, so you won't feel any movement when you sleep.

  • It is made of a Seaqual outer fabric. This mattress has been manufactured from recycled materials from the ocean.

  • Its front opening system is easy, convenient and practical. You can access the inside of the basin from any angle. It stands out for its lack of noise when operating.

  • Enjoy an extra storage space without sacrificing the comfort and quality of your rest.



  • Layers: Seaqual® fabric, Progression Visco®, high density reinforced polyether, Adapt Tech®, breathable mesh fabric, Seaqual® fabric
  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester and 3D fabric to facilitate the breathability of the rest equipment
  • Useful height (basin): 27 cm
  • Height to the ground: 32 cm
  • Breathable lid: height of 5 cm
  • Basin panels: thickness of 22 mm
  • Lid technology: solid wood handle with brand identification in the same colour as the lid, maximum durability breathable lid with B.A.S. (Base Air System) technology, a mattress guide to hold the mattress in place and an easy front opening system
  • If you choose 180x200 size, you are buying two folding storage beds which 90 cm width and the VR09914 union piece
5.0 / 5
1 reviews
  1. Raul ESTEFANIA PARREÑO 17/09/2023
    Acolchado y confortable.
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