Wooden oak-coloured dual-lid high-capacity folding storage base - DESIGN

Wooden oak-coloured high capacity folding storage base
It has a double lid and front opening
Designed to provide air circulation to your rest
Setup and free collection of the old base included
Altura: +/-36,00cm
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Guide to heights and measurements

We explain how to correctly measure the height of our products and which accessories you should choose according to the size of your bed. 

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Pikolin's wooden oak-coloured dual-lid high-capacity folding storage base has been created and adapted to the latest decorative trends, managing to provide an atmosphere of modernity and elegance in bedroom furniture. In addition, this Design folding storage base also adapts to the needs or preferences of each user. It's an easy front opening system that uses pneumatic shock absorbers.

Folding storage base adapted to the latest decorative trends

Modernity and elegance

This folding storage base provides an air of modernity and elegance in bedroom furniture. It adapts to the preferences of every consumer, who can choose between this normal-capacity model or the high-capacity model, with one or two lids.

Front opening and easy accessibility

Folding storage base with a seamless front opening using pneumatic shock absorbers, which facilitate interior accessibility and favour complete silence during operation.

Straight solid wood corners

The straight corners of the Design folding storage base make it sturdy and resistant and function as a high-quality assembly.

Storage base adapted to you

You can choose between the high-capacity folding storage base (36 cm high) or the standard-capacity folding storage base (31 cm high). You can also choose between a single lid (from 80 to 160 cm wide) and dual lids (from 135 to 200 cm wide).

Product details


  • Its front opening system is easy, convenient and practical. You can access the inside of the basin from any angle. It stands out for its lack of noise when operating.

  • Enjoy an extra storage space without sacrificing the comfort and quality of your rest.

  • This storage base has been created and adapted according to the latest decorative trends.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester and 3D fabric to facilitate the breathability of the rest equipment
  • Useful height (basin): 30 cm
  • Height to the ground: 36 cm
  • Height of the lid: 5 cm
  • Lid technology: high resistance steel metal structure reinforced with five transverse bolsters, Base Air System (B.A.S.) technology, anodised aluminium handle, steel mattress guide in the headboard and easy front opening system
  • Basin technology: straight solid wood corners that allow an assembly of the highest quality, robustness and resistance in the headboard, footboard and side rails of the 25 mm thick basin, and a stratified wooden bottom for the perfect support of the objects that are stored inside.
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