Futurlam metal adjustable bed base - SOMIER

The Futurlam metal adjustable bed base has the following features: Motor articulated metal bed base with 5 movement levels. Includes emergency battery. Independent operation. On double beds, there are two sides with movement of the headboard and footboard only. Great resistance and durability. Mattress guide on the footboard. Nonslip rubber brackets and active suspension swing arms on the bed frame and central bar that help a more efficient distribution. Maximum adaptability and active elasticity, guaranteed by: 28 wooden slats arranged two-by-two (14x2). Reinforced central third with lumbar regulation: its 6 (3x2 on single beds) / 12 (6x2 on double beds) double slats with independent firmness regulators allow to adapt the firmness. 26 cm legs included (total height from the top of the bed base to the floor: 33.5 cm). 4 legs on single beds. 5 legs on double beds.
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Who is this Pikolin articulated bed base good for?

If you want to adjust your position during sleep to feel totally comfortable, this articulated bed base is the perfect option for you. Don’t forget to combine it with an ideal mattress to be articulated!

Why buy this articulated bed base?

Completely banish the myth that articulated bed bases are only for hospitals or residential homes! At Pikolin we offer a premium range of these types of bases, perfect for any bedroom. Their advanced technologies will make you sleep soundly, as thanks to its 5 planes it will be very difficult for you not find the most comfortable position.
Articulated bed bases also have a completely silent motor so you can select the position you want. The bed bases have an added advantage in that they help to better control the temperature whilst you sleep, allowing a better flow of air to pass through, which also helps to extend the useful life of your Pikolin mattress.


  • Exterior fabric: POLYESTER: 100%