Pillows Black Friday

Enjoy a Black Friday 2023 discount up to 60% on our Pikolin pillows. This week, take advantage of our offers on pillows to update and purchase your pillow at the best price.

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Advantages of purchasing a pillow on Black Friday 2023.

Update your pillows this Black Friday 2023 at Pikolin. Choose from a wide range of fibre, feather, visco or latex pillows. We also have pillows adapted to the sleeping position of each person. Get your discounted pillow this Black Friday 2023. 

More information about pillows for Black Friday 2023

What are the most attractive promotional discounts for pillows on Black Friday? ▼

This Black Friday 2023, you can find the best offers and discounts on pillows. During this period, you will find the best prices of the year on pillows.

Where can I find the best Black Friday discounts for a viscoelastic foam, latex, feather, microfibre or other material pillow? ▼

Most of our pillows will have an extra discount during this Black Friday 2023. In the pillows category, you will find discounted pillows of different materials.

What is the guarantee period for the pillow and what are the conditions of the return policy if I am not satisfied? ▼

Our products have a 3-year guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can return your pillow within 30 days.

Where can I find opinions and reviews from other buyers about specific pillows I am interested in? ▼

At the bottom of each product, you can see the opinions and reviews of other buyers, as well as their average rating.

Delivery time: is the delivery time for pillows during Black Friday likely to be longer due to high demand? ▼

The estimated delivery time may vary depending on the model of pillow you purchase, but most of them can be delivered to your home in less than 3 days.

If I am purchasing a pillow on Black Friday, should I consider its compatibility with my current or future mattress? How can I ensure the pillow is suitable for my mattress type? ▼

The type of pillow you choose has no influence on the compatibility with the mattress. The only thing that can influence this is the size, in other words, the pillow or pillows should be the same width as the mattress.

Do any of the Black Friday pillow offers include a quality pillow case, or do I have to purchase one separately? ▼

You can choose from a wide variety of a pillow cases.

If I am looking for a pillow that is adjustable in height or firmness, are there any offers on these types of pillows during Black Friday? ▼

At Pikolin, we have pillows of different heights and firmness. Depending on their composition, pillows can be firmer or softer.

What shipping and delivery options are available during Black Friday, and is there a way to get fast or free shipping? ▼

Shipping is free in mainland Spain and to the Balearic Islands for orders over €35. You can have your pillow at your home in 48/72 hours.

Pillows for specific needs: If I have health problems, such as neck pain or allergies, are there special pillows for my needs on offer during Black Friday? ▼

You can choose your pillow according to your rest position, thus improving possible neck pain. We also have ergonomic pillows for specific problems. We also recommend breathable pillow cases if you have allergy problems.