Do something that keeps you awake


At Pikolin, we celebrate our 75th anniversary by highlighting our brand purpose with an invitation to look to the future with enthusiasm.


“6:29” highlights the importance of keeping alive the natural enthusiasm that we have since childhood. 


Why do we leave our dreams behind as we grow up? The only way to grow up, to live our passions and to be fully happy is to keep alive the dreams that we have since childhood.  In 2024, we look to the future, giving relevance to children who still have intact the enthusiasm that will turn them into enthusiastic people. 


At Pikolin, we celebrate 75 years with more enthusiasm than ever. Because the dreams of today will be our passions of tomorrow. 

llusion based on real events

In order to check whether, with age, illusion is destroyed or only transformed, we have carried out our own study by means of an online survey which has shown us that: illusion is not only for children, although the day-to-day life of adults does not make it any easier. 


The study was carried out in collaboration with El Departamente and was conducted during the month of January 2024. Spanish adults aged 35 to 75 and children aged 9 to 13 participated in the study.

  • 2 out of 3 adults envy the enthusiasm with which children live.
  • 80% of adults believe that enthusiasm is a personal attitude and that you have to fight for it.
  • 90% of children say that they live with a lot of hope.

We Look to the Future with Enthusiasm

At Pikolin, we want you to discover the dreams of these children, who we already adore and who have made us reconnect with our own dreams. Their way of facing each day and fighting for their passions invites us to reflect on the small everyday things that keep the enthusiasm alive.


Six real stories told from the perspective of seven children. Real passions. Dreams that look to the future.

Martín, 11 years

Ginebra, 12 years

Aniol & Genís, 11 y 8 years

Urvy, 9 years

Manuel, 11 years

Alejandro, 10 years

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