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We invite you to live a life filled with emotion

At Pikolin, we want to give a voice to those who enjoy their life with intensity. That’s why we always share with you the stories of people who know how to live life intensely and who seek to experience emotions tied to what they are really passionate about. 


Because doing something that makes you lose sleep is an emotion. 


The emotion of feeling without limits. Be who you are. That’s why we want to redefine the concept of a “soft man” at Pikolin. So that you can get emotional without sensitivity being used as a weapon against you, as something linked to being “feminine” and what you must oppose if you want to be a real man. At Pikolin, we believe that there is nothing more attractive than a sensitive man—a man who is not afraid to be himself and who wants to feel and be emotional.


Discover Juan Carlos’ story and start living and enjoying your emotions.

The story

The main character

Juan Carlos, beyond emotion

“When we talk about a tear, it seems that this certifies that the emotion is complete—like we have reached its limit. But for me, the emotional temperature changes me; it doesn't just make your hair stand on end.”

Passion: A way to become emotional

The song

“I remember listening to a Massiel song called EL AMOR and since that day, every time I listen to it there is something... how it describes love in all its forms. And there is a moment when she says ‘and when love is gone, it stays with you and captures you.’ When I listened to it, it was at a time when my mother had just died; you understand it to another degree.”

If you want to listen to the Massiel song in full, you can do so here:

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