The 75th Anniversary Hotel Mattress - ED.LIMITADA


Like the mattresses we supply to the largest hotel chains
Limited edition top-quality mattress
Normablock continuous thread core
Progressive support
All-night comfort
Height: +/-29,00cm
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We have created the perfect mattress for you to sleep at home as if you were in a hotel. Pikolin supplies mattresses to the world’s largest hotel chains. To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we launched this limited edition so you can experience a Pikolin hotel mattress every night. This product was designed with several technologies that make it the high-end mattress you could find at an important hotel. Its Normablock continuous thread core reinforced with a border rod offers ideal firmness while achieving the necessary adaptation thanks to the Visco Air viscoelastic layer that accompanies it, thus providing better quality of sleep. Furthermore, for a first progressive support, it has the combination of two layers: HR Supersoft and Viscofoam, which are part of the Progression Visco technology that allows supporting the person based on the pressure and athermal footprint. All this accompanied by the Triple Barrera hygienic treatment that prevents the appearance of mites, bacteria, and fungi in the mattress. In addition, typical of a hotel mattress, the Stretch fabric is flame-retardant and anti-bedbug. It is the best option if you want a superior quality mattress.

1. Stretch fabric: it has a great feel and weight that provides elasticity and breathability.
2. Progression Visco: Combination of Supersoft, a high-density, low-firmness cellular material that adapts to the body, and Viscofoam, a high-density viscoelastic with memory effect that adapts to the person depending on pressure and its thermal footprint.
3. Viscoair: viscoelastic material that improves sleep warmth and provides greater breathability.
4. Layer of reception polyether: shock absorber that provides comfortable stability during rest.
5. Normablock Firm core: the most advanced continuous wire spring system on the market that offers the firmness and adaptation necessary for a complete rest.
6. It has five stitched-on handles, which prove useful when handling the mattress.
T. Triple Barrera®: complete and continuous hygienic protection. This barrier protects the user against the main causes of allergies, including mites, bacteria, and fungi, throughout the useful life of the mattress.

The perfect combination for a great night's sleep, Normablock + Viscoair core.


It accommodates the person according to their pressure and thermal footprint, adapting to their morphology.


The core is reinforced with a contoured rod, which gives an extra level of firmness, durability and stability. 

Quality rest

They offer the firmness and adaptation necessary for a complete rest, improving the quality of sleep.

Highly breathable

thanks to its structure, it increases the air flow, with the aim of favouring ventilation and maintaining hygiene.

Product details


  • Core technology: Normablock the most advanced system of Z-shaped continuous thread springs on the market that offers the necessary firmness and adaptation for a full rest.

  • Padding tecnology: Progression Visco® offers progressive comfort and total adaptation supporting the body for a greater feeling of comfort. It will protect you from the heat effect of the viscoelastic material while regulating the temperature that the body experiences throughout the night.


  • Thanks to the Normablock spring technology, this mattress offers great adaptability due to its firmness.

  • Its Viscofoam padding layer receives a person depending on their pressure and thermal footprint. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and disperses the heat we generate when sleeping.


  • Outer fabric: flame-retardant and anti-bedbug Stretch fabric
  • Layers: Progression Visco, Visco Air, high density reinforced polyether, Normablock Frm core, Stretch fabric

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1 reviews
  1. Raquel Valverde 26/03/2024
    Súper confortable, estamos encantados.
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