Bultex medium firmness cellular material mattress - OPTIMUS

The articulated mattress with a profiled Bultex Nanotech core
It provides a comfortable reception with medium firmness
Excellent comfort at a competitive price
High breathability and elasticity level
Altura: +/-21 cm
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Optimus is the perfect mattress for an adjustable bed; it is formed by the Bultex Comfort core and a layer of polyether padding. The Bultex Comfort cellular material enhances a progressive reception and acts actively in the areas where the body needs it most. Its profiling is designed specially to facilitate the articulation of the mattress.

1. Stretch fabric: great feel and weight that provides elasticity and breathability.
2. Soft polyester fibre: offers a comfortable fit.
3. Inner cover: for greater hygiene and protection of the sleeping equipment.
4. Bultex Confort Profiled core: provides gradual support and acts actively in the areas where the body needs it most. This core is profiled to favour articulation.
B. Total Barrier®: Integral hygienic protection. Barrier that acts by blocking the development of the three main sources of hygienic problems on a sleeping surface: bacteria, mites and fungi.

Bultex Confort technology acts in the areas where the body needs it most


Medium firmness core and a progressive reception that actively acts in the areas where the body needs it most.


No transmission of movements from one part of the bed to the other. If you share a rest space, you will not have to worry about the other person’s movements.

Heat dispersion

Air and moisture circulate within the core, offering a hygienic bed with temperature regulation that makes it cool in summer and cosy in winter. Bultex® has the highest permeability index on the market with breathability levels of 95%.

Product details


  • Core technology: Bultex® Confort offers a medium level of adaptability together with a progressive reception that acts in the areas where the body needs it most.

  • Polyester fibre: Polyester fibre generates an air chamber to control temperature when sleeping.


  • This mattress, formed by a Bultex Comfort core, offers a progressive reception for a higher level of comfort.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester
  • Layers: Stretch Fabric, polyester fibre, profiled Bultex® Nanotech Confort
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