High firmness Roll-up visco and HR foam mattress - LEAH

Visco and HR foam roll-up mattress
One of its sides provides an additional degree of firmness
Extra-soft comfort as well as breathability
Soft reception, deep rest
Altura: +/-24,00cm
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The Leah rolled foam mattress offers great comfort and firmness in its 24 cm height. It is the most accessible model in our range of boxed mattresses and a practical alternative that includes Pikolin's guarantees and high quality. The Leah model has two sides, one of which is padded with a layer of polyether foam that provides an additional degree of firmness. And on its main side, it has a viscoelastic layer, a technology that combines a layer of athermic fibre and another of polyester to create extra soft comfort and better breathability. It also includes a Confortcel core and Triple Barrier total hygiene technology that protects and prevents against dust mites, bacteria and fungus. Our line of box mattresses is completed by the Veza and Cala models.

1. Its Stretch fabric, with a great feel and weight, provides elasticity and breathability.
2.  Layer of polyether foam: it offers an extra-soft comfort. 
3. Viscofoam®: padding layer that supports a person depending on their pressure and thermal footprint, adapting to their body shape. It also reduces blood pressure and disperses the heat we generate while sleeping.
4. Confortcel® Core: high-resilience foam cellular material with a high level of adaptability and air circulation, which guarantees correct position for the back. 
T. Triple Barrera®: Pikolin’s exclusive hygienic treatment that prevents the appearance of mites, bacteria and fungi.

This core is made of high resilience cellular material, HR foam, which efficiently holds body weight and maintains its rest properties throughout the entire useful life of the mattress.

High adaptability

Thanks to the foaming material of the Confortcel® core, it supports and respects the curvature of the body, favouring a deep rest.

Air circulation

The pores of the foam with which this core is manufactured provide a renewed and healthy rest environment thanks to the passage of air.

Back health

This Confortcel® foaming cellular material offers a firmness that adapts to your back, guaranteeing its correct position and favouring subsequent musculoskeletal recovery.

High durability

Thanks to the high resilience of the Confortcel® technology, it guarantees an optimal performance during the useful life of the mattress.

Product details


  • Core technology: This core is made of high resilience cellular material, HR foam, which efficiently holds body weight and maintains its rest properties throughout the entire useful life of the mattress.

  • Padding technology: Viscofoam® is responsible for reducing pressure points and tensions in the neck, head and cervical spine.


  • At Pikolin, we have developed a new methodology to be able to send our mattresses in a more effective and efficient way. For this reason, this mattress is rolled up before being sent to facilitate its distribution. You can enjoy this mattress in less than 72 hours.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester
  • Layers: stretch fabric, polyether foam layer, polyester fibre layer, Viscofoam, Confortcel, polyether foam and mesh

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