Highly-firm viscoelastic foam youth mattress with a Normablock spring core - LEMON

The Lemon mattress is a viscoelastic foam spring mattress ideal for young people looking for a mattress with an extra touch of firmness, as it has the same quality firmness as our Normablock spring core. The core, together with the viscoelastic foam, offers a stable and long-lasting rest with great adaptability, air circulation and comfort.
Altura: +/-22,00cm
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Continuous thread spring system that offers a high degree of firmness and adaptation for a full rest.

Healthy back position

We add a greater number of springs to the lumbar area to favour the recovery of the spine and back muscles.

Independent movement

We arrange the springs in rows to offer greater stability, offering independence in the movements of each sleeper.


The continuous thread springs offer greater durability of the useful life of the mattress by not integrating knots into the springs, together with a heat treatment applied to the entire core.

Less body pressure

We maximise the number of springs to improve stability with a better distribution of pressure.

Internal air circulation

They do not contain any internal barrier with the aim of favouring air circulation and maintaining the hygiene and durability of the materials.

Product details


  • Core technology: Continuous thread spring system that offers a high degree of firmness and adaptation for a full rest.

  • Padding tecnology: Viscofoam® is responsible for reducing pressure points and tensions in the neck, head and cervical spine. The athermic fibre provides stability and firmness, and also has moisture-insulating properties, which create a dry environment that inhibits the growth of agents that are harmful to health.



  • Due to the technology of this mattress, the little ones at home will be able to enjoy and rest during the night.

  • Thanks to the technology of the Normablock springs, this mattress provides firmness and stability to ensure that you do not notice your partner’s movements when sleeping. It provides a stable and long-lasting rest thanks to the durability of its material.

  • Thanks to its viscoelastic foam composition, it provides greater comfort and softness. It receives a person depending on their pressure and thermal footprint. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and disperses the heat we generate when sleeping.



  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester
  • Layers: stretch fabric, Viscofoam, athermic fibre, high density reinforced polyether, Normablock Firm core, high density reinforced polyether, athermic fibre, Viscofoam, stretch fabric

Descubre el colchón juvenil Lemon

Descubre el colchón juvenil Lemon
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