Pikolin manufactures the first smart mattress

Following an entire year of research, it is now on sale in Spain and Portugal. The application available for iOs and Android has three functionalities that help analyse your rest and suggest improvement plans and challenges aimed at a quality sleep. In its technological development Pikolin has collaborated with Geeksme, a Spanish company specialising in the development of wearable technology. The company, which is at the forefront of research and innovation, goes one step further in its digital transformation process.

Zaragoza, 21 June 2017-

The Pikolin Group has presented today in Madrid the first entirely Spanish smart mattress, SmartP!K*, which is already being manufactured in the company's brand new facilities in Zaragoza. The company explains that it is not only the first smart mattress in the Spanish market, but also the first in the world that will be marketed on the premise of an affordable price for the consumer. SmartP!K* is being manufactured in multiple sizes and it has a recommended retail price that does not exceed €600 (135x190).

Pikolin, the leading company in the Spanish resting market, has invested almost three million euros and more than a year's research in this project. In its technological development Pikolin has collaborated with Geeksme, a Spanish company specialising in the Internet of Things and in the design, development and manufacture of wearable technology. The result of this collaboration is SmartP!K*, a comprehensive digital resting system that consists of a mattress and a smart bracelet, both of which feature several sensors that register and send data to a mobile application available for iOs and Android.

The digital system has several sensors that measure and analyse important information with the purpose of improving the quality of your rest, such as the room temperature, the stages of sleep, your movement while sleeping or your heart rate. The application, which collects and processes data in real time, includes three functions: Sleep, which informs you on the stages and quality of sleep on a daily basis; Coach*, which is a virtual assistant that offers a personalised guide and suggests challenges aimed at achieving a better rest; and Love, which analyses your sexual activity in a fun way. This high-quality product combines different exclusive Pikolin technologies, such as Normablock, Confortcell and Bultex, with artificial intelligence.

The Coach* functionality is the most innovative and distinct feature, as it is able to design a personalised plan aimed at improving the quality of sleep of each sleeper according to their lifestyle. The challenge spans over 21 days, and during this period it follows the user's achievements and it suggests and gives recommendations in the event of registering any deviation from the set targets.

To validate this new and unique functionality in the market, Pikolin will be collaborating with Asenarco (the Spanish Sleep Association www.asenarco.es) and the Spanish Sleep Society (http://ses.org.es/), which are two bodies with which it has signed a collaboration agreement.

“This is a first step in integrating the Internet of Things into a mattress. This technology offers multiple future possibilities, especially for groups such as the elderly and children. We are already working on the next version with new functionalities”, explains the person responsible for Innovation and Development at Pikolin, César Isac.

The application is already available in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English, allowing SmartP!K to be marketed elsewhere in the future. As of tomorrow, it will be available in Spain and Portugal.

As far as César Isac is concerned, the person responsible for Innovation and Development at Pikolin, it is “a logical project for a company that has research and innovation embedded in its DNA. The digital technologies are out there and they offer multiple possibilities; the time had arrived to incorporate them into home resting products.”

About the Pikolin Group

With a business turnover of 430 million euros, the Pikolin Group is the second largest European group in the resting market and the leader in sales in Spain and France. The company from Aragón is present in all three segments comprising this market: homes, hospitals and hotels, and it has 10 production plants: 3 in Spain, 5 in France and 2 in Southeast Asia (China and Vietnam), which has helped consolidate its presence in the international markets.

About Geeksme

Geeksme is a Spanish startup that designs, develops and manufactures wearable technology & IoT. Incorporated in 2015 with share capital exclusively from Spanish sources, Geeksme came into being thanks to Rodrigo Silva-Ramos, co-founder of Geeksphone and Blackphone, and Ángel Sánchez, an executive with over 18 years of experience in big technological multinationals. This founding team has a combined experience of launching 8 devices in the international market. Geeksme launched its first product in 2015: the Life Lovers Watch (GME1), which is a worldwide-renowned wearable technology sold in more than 35 countries.