2 in 1 pillow protector and pillow cover made of Tencel® + Thermic®

Our new Pikolin Home 2-in-1 pillowcase and pillow cover combines two state-of-the-art textile technologies to provide us with the solution to our sleeping problems: Tencel® + Thermic®. Combining the qualities of these two technologies with our Smartseal waterproof membrane is the solution for those who want it all: cover, protection, temperature control and moisture control.
Pikolin Home
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For whom is this Thermic?

For those who want the latest in textile technology, we have created the Tencel Thermic line. Products that merge the natural fibre called Tencel with Thermic thermoregulatory treatment, absorbing humidity and keeping a constant temperature throughout the night so that you sleep well.

Linea thermicLinea thermic

What is this Waterproof Breathable Pillowcase? 

Because a breathable waterproof pillowcase protects your pillow from serious damage.


  • Smartseal® is a breathable, thin and silent membrane that repels any liquid.


  • THERMOREGULATION: adapts to the temperature of each individual for better thermal comfort.


  • Composition: fabric: 100% jersey Lyocell (Tencel®) with Thermic® treatment. Film: SmartSeal waterproof and breathable. Skirt: 100% Polyester interlock. Suitable for mattrasses up to 32 cm high.

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