Low firmness visco pillow for people who sleep face down and for children - PETITPLUS VISCO

Viscoelastic pillow with zip-free cover
With low firmness for stomach sleepers
A hygienic rest thanks to the UltraFresh treatment
Ideal for the little ones of the house
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Low firmness viscoelastic pillow. Specially designed for children, its zip-free flap cover guarantees children’s safety by preventing a choking hazard. Fully hygienic rest thanks to the ULTRAFRESH antibacterial treatment.

Ergonomic technology. It adapts to the contour of your body, guaranteeing an optimal position of the head and neck.


The high firmness viscoelastic pillows adapt to the contour of your body, guaranteeing an optimal position of the head and neck. This type of pillow technology is perfect for sleeping on your side. This position favours the rest of your head, spine and legs. It also favours breathing.


The medium firmness viscoelastic pillows favour a fresh rest. They are usually the most optimal for those sleepers who do not have a single position during the night. It adapts to the morphology of the head and neck, adapting to each position. This ensures we have a customised and assured rest.


The low firmness viscoelastic pillows are designed for those who sleep on their stomach. Especially for children. They adapt perfectly to the contour of the body, guaranteeing the optimal position of the head and neck. Because sleeping on your stomach is the least recommended position, at Pikolin we offer the best options for any type of position during rest.

Product details


  • Viscoelastic pillow especially designed for children. It guarantees the safety of children by preventing choking.

  • If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, we recommend using pillows that are as soft, fine and delicate as possible. This position is the least recommended for the health of your back and especially your cervical spine. This is why, at Pikolin, we help you choose the best pillow for your usual resting position.

  • With this pillow, you will achieve a fully hygienic rest thanks to the UltraFresh antibacterial treatment.  The pillowcase can only be washed and dried in the washing machine without losing any of its properties.


  • Outer cover: 100% ULTRAFRESH cotton
  • Inner protective cover: 100% cotton
  • Core: 100% viscoelastic
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