Medium-high firmness fibre pillow for people who sleep on their back - IRON

Medium-high firmness fibre pillow. Hypoallergenic, highly breathable and fresh pillow thanks to its polyester microfibre covers and the 3D mesh on one side of the exterior cover.
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Who are Pikolin pillows good for?

The secret formula to finding the perfect pillow for every type of person is in knowing the characteristics of each pillow and the peculiarities of your sleep. In this way, you can discover the best pillow for you if you really know how you sleep.

Why buy this Pikolin pillow?

Pillows are decisive when it comes to providing us with a healthy rest. The key is in finding the pillow that best adapts to how you sleep, as depending on your sleeping position, there will be a certain pillow or two that is best for you.
However, your sleeping position does not always have to be the decisive factor in your choice. You can also choose your pillow according to its type of material or any of its specific characteristics. At Pikolin we also think about the type of person you are when designing each pillow, which is why we offer pillows designed especially for pregnant women and other pillows that have been designed for children.
You deserve to sleep well, and the most important thing is that you find a pillow that provides you with a peaceful and restful sleep so that you wake up the next day with enough energy to do everything you have in mind.


  • Exterior fabric: POLYESTER: 100%
  • Layers: Exterior cover: Side A: 100% polyester microfibre Side B: 100% polyester 3D mesh Interior protective cover: 100% polyester microfibre Core: 100% polyester fibre