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The Hurricane Normazone spring youth mattress is formed by a core of Normazone springs and layers of Viscofoam padding and athermic fibre. The Normazone continuous thread springs combine firmness and the correct position of the back with the need to alleviate pressure on the hip and shoulder areas. Thanks to its zoning, it adapts to the natural position of the back and facilitates a perfect body position during rest. Its Viscofoam layer, high density viscoelastic material, reduces the pressure and heat, and it adapts to the exact contour of the body, favouring beneficial positions. All Pikolin mattresses have the total Triple Barrier hygiene technology that acts against the main causes of allergies: mites, bacteria and fungi, throughout the useful life of the mattress.
Altura: +/-22,00cm
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Who is this Pikolin Normablock® spring mattress good for?

This Normablock® continuous thread spring mattress is perfect for those who are looking to benefit from the advanced technology of spring mattresses. By reducing and distributing pressure points, you can benefit from a high level of relaxation during the night. It also favours a healthier back position and a practically full absence of movement between its two differentiated beds. It's perfect if you are going to share a mattress!

Why buy this Pikolin Normablock® core mattress?

Normablock® core mattresses have a block of continuous thread springs that offer a wide variety of benefits that do not go unnoticed.
These mattresses have been designed to offer greater support to the lumbar area, preventing the mattress from collapsing and favouring the aligned position of the spine. In this way, Normablock® mattresses facilitate optimal rest, avoiding bad postures.
Due to the longitudinal connection of their rows of springs, they are also able to isolate movements to prevent those sleepers who share mattresses from being disturbed. They present a high durability and generate less pressure on the body.
If you want a spring mattress equipped with the best technologies, choose your Normablock® mattress for a good rest.


  • Normablock®: This mattress has a Normablock® spring core, which is made from continuous thread springs that provide the firmness you need for a full and restful sleep. 



  • Tejido exterior: POLYESTER: 100%
  • Layers: Stretch fabric, Viscofoam padding, athermic fibre layer, high density reinforced polyether shock absorber, Normazone innerspring unit, high density reinforced polyether shock absorber, athermic fibre layer, Viscofoam padding, stretch fabric
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