Pack containing a youth HR foam mattress and a white youth folding storage base - APPLE+AP10597

Youth mattress and storage base pack
HR foam mattress with Viscofoam padding
White-coloured folding storage base with side opening
The perfect combination for a young person’s bedroom
Altura: +/-54 cm
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Enjoy our pack with a white Naturbox youth folding storage base and the Apple youth mattress made of Confortcel cellular material with layers of Viscofoam padding and athermic fibre. The combination of these materials efficiently supports body weight and maintains its properties for rest throughout the entire useful life of the mattress. This youth mattress contains a viscoelastic layer of great adaptability that adjusts to the body's bow for better blood circulation, increasing sleep quality. The Apple youth mattress is perfect for the little ones at home. It is 22 cm high. This youth white-coloured wooden folding storage base with side opening also offers extra storage. It is ideal for younger people and provides an additional degree of firmness to the mattress. This allows you to have a comfortable and pleasant rest. It is easy and simple to use daily. This youth folding storage base consists of a breathable lid that favours air circulation.

1. Stretch Fabric: has a great feel and weight that provides elasticity and breathability.
2. Viscofoam®: padding layer supports a person depending on their pressure and thermal footprint, adapting to their body shape. It also reduces blood pressure and disperses the heat we generate while sleeping.
3. Athermic Fibre: creates extra smooth comfort and lets air continuously pass through during rest for better breathability.
4. Confortcel® Core: high-resilience foam cellular material has a high level of adaptability and air circulation, which guarantees correct position for the back.
T. Triple Barrier®: Complete and continuous hygienic protection. This barrier protects the user against the main causes of allergies, including mites, bacteria, and fungi, throughout the useful life of the mattress.

This core is made of high resilience cellular material, HR foam, which efficiently holds body weight and maintains its rest properties throughout the entire useful life of the mattress.

High adaptability

Thanks to the foaming material of the Confortcel® core, it supports and respects the curvature of the body, favouring a deep rest.

Air circulation

The pores of the foam with which this core is manufactured provide a renewed and healthy rest environment thanks to the passage of air.

Back health

This Confortcel® foaming cellular material offers a firmness that adapts to your back, guaranteeing its correct position and favouring subsequent musculoskeletal recovery.

High durability

Thanks to the high resilience of the Confortcel® technology, it guarantees an optimal performance during the useful life of the mattress.

Product details


  • Core technology: This core is made of high resilience cellular material, HR foam, which efficiently holds body weight and maintains its rest properties throughout the entire useful life of the mattress.


  • This mattress guarantees the stability you need when sleeping. It offers sleep independence so that you do not feel your partner’s movements.

  • Thanks to its layer that combines athermic fibre with polyester fibre, it guarantees a high level of breathability.

  • This storage base has a breathable lid upholstered with 3D fabric that provides air circulation to your rest.

  • Enjoy an extra storage space without sacrificing the comfort and quality of your rest.


  • Outer fabric of the mattress: 100% polyester
  • Mattress layers: stretch fabric, Viscofoam®, athermic fibre, Adapt Tech®, athermic fibre, Viscofoam®, stretch fabric
  • Outer fabric of storage base: 100% polyester and 3D fabric for better breathability of the rest equipment
  • Useful height (basin): 27 cm
  • Height to the ground: 32 cm
  • Lid technology: 5 cm high breathable lid, solid wood handle with brand identification in the same colour as the lid, maximum durability breathable lid with B.A.S. (Base Air System) technology, a mattress guide to hold the mattress in place and an easy front opening system
  • Basin technology: on-trend 22 mm thick panels with fully laminated interior and exterior and solid wood corners
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