Lower folding legs for trundle beds - KIT CANG.INF.

Set of four folding legs for the lower bed base of trundle beds. This Lower Kangaroo Kit includes the parts required to help you turn any Pikolin fixed bed base into the lower bed base of a trundle bed. Thanks to these folding legs, you will have an extra bed without taking up more space in your bedroom. To store it, you only have to fold the legs and place it under the upper bed base. The legs include wheels that, when folded, facilitate the movement of the bed base. To obtain the full trundle bed, you will need to combine this product with the reinforced Upper Kangaroo Kit and two Pikolin fixed bed bases. The lower mattress of the trundle bed must not exceed 23 cm in height without bedding.
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  • Set of four folding legs: perfect for the lower bed base of a trundle bed
  • For the trundle bed to function properly, the mattress of the lower upholstered base must not exceed 23 cm in height