1. Today
    • Energy Management Certificate

      On 2018-01-31 Pikolin obtains the Energy Management Certificate issued by AENOR as recognition and evidence of the conformity of its management system with the UNE-EN ISO 50001: 2011 standard.

    • First intelligent mattress from Pikolin

      Pikolin's first smart mattress. The SmartPik technology by Pikolin is a true technological revolution that consists of 3 elements: a Smart P!K mattress that provides maximum comfort and features a smart device that connects to the Smart P!K bracelet, which is designed to measure sleep using three analysis sensors, and the Smart P!K mobile application. This application produces all the statistics on the quality of your rest and gives advice on how you can improve it.

    • The new factory

      The Pikolin Group opens in Zaragoza its new logistics-industrial complex in which it has invested over 50 million euros. The new facilities in PLAZA, with a surface area of 225,000m², is Europe's largest and most advanced industrial complex in the resting sector, as well as one of the largest in the world.

    • Product of the year 2017

      Pikolin Bultex Nanotech has been chosen the product of 2017. Great Award for innovation 2017, product of the year chosen by over 10,000 consumers.

    • Innovation Award

      Pikolin Normasense is chosen as mattress of the year in 2016 among more than 10,000 consumers who decided to grant Pikolin the Gran Premio a la Innovación (Great Award for Innovation) in the sleep category.

    • New factory in Zaragoza

      Pikolin commits to the future with the presentation of a new factory in Zaragoza which will be the biggest logistics and industrial complex in Europe. It will allow offering improvements in productivity and in its processes in order to provide its customers with a better service.

    • CEL Award

      Pikolin is awarded the CEL award, which rewards the evolution of its activity and innovation in its processes and it involves representing Spain in the European Award for Logistics Excellence.

    • International Projection Award

      Furthermore Pikolin is awarded the Premio Extraordinario a la Proyección Internacional (Extraordinary Award for International Projection), The honour, received by Pikolin rewards the role that innovation plays in the conquest of international markets, which is very demanding with high levels of competition.

    • Awarded

      Pikolin is awarded the Pilot award for logistics excellency in Aragon in its 14th edition.

    • Collaboration with the Spanish Heart Foundation

      In CSR, a collaboration project is being set up in conjunction with Fundación Española del Corazón (Spanish Heart Foundation) with the aim of raising awareness in the population about the importance of preventing heart disease and how sleep affects cardio-vascular health.

    • Internacionalization

      Pikolin maintains its internationalisation strategy. The headquarters of the Pikolin Group in Zaragoza are receiving the best clients from its affiliate Dunlopillo Holdings Sdn. Bhd. of the Malaysian market. The group represents the best clients of the Malaysian affiliate and make up the elite of distribution in the Malaysian Premium market.

    • Pikolin´s Market Extension

      Pikolin continues gaining market share in specialised segments and international markets. In 2012 Industrias Hidráulicas Pardo (Pardo Hydraulic Industries) was acquired, achieving a great presence in hospital and geriatric segments. It is also entering the Italian market, thanks to the company Literie Italia, introducing two new brands: Bultex and Epeda.

    • #me practick

      This year, Paula Ortíz, special mention in Shangai´s Film Festival, is directing three spots to advertise the #me practick collection.

    • PLAZA logistics center

      Inauguration of the PLAZA Logistics Centre. Pikolin's new logistics centre will be the largest and most modern sleep products logistics centre in Europe. It occupies 32,000 m2, and uses the most innovative and advanced technological resources available. It has 21 loading and unloading bays, and there is the option to build a railway spur. It has storage capacity of 50,000 m3, and generates traffic of 22,000 lorries a year.

    • Solidarity Mattress

      Pikolin´s communication strategy is still influenced by CSR and it is carrying out its third campaign for noise health. Furthermore, this year, the spot against osteoporosis “Colchón Solidario” (Solidary Mattress) is being filmed with actress Carolina Cerezuela. The Pikolin Group continues its expansion process towards Asian markets with the acquisition of its mattress branch 'Dunlopillo Holdings Sdn. Bhd.', which belongs to the 'Sime Darby' Group. Grupo Pikolin sigue su proceso de expansión al mercado asiático con la comprar la empresa filial colchonera 'Dunlopillo Holdings Sdn. Bhd.', perteneciente al grupo 'Sime Darby'.

    • Eurotop

      Pikolin revolutionises the sleeping sector with its new development: EuroTop. A new way of interpreting mattress design thanks to the combination of different layers with new materials which allow us to offer a product which is clearly superior and with revolutionary aesthetics with only one side.

    • Pikolin and the "Ruido" ("Noise")

      Pikolin continues with its campaign of awareness for noise health, in this edition it is developing, along with channel Cuatro (Four) and the TV show Callejeros, a documentary called “Ruido” (Noise).

    • Acoustic health

      In recent years, noise has become the environmental factor which has the most effect on our quantity and quality of sleep. At the start of 2009, PIKOLIN launched an innovative concept, the Pikolin Acoustic Health campaign - a pioneering experiment in raising social awareness of the problem of environmental noise and how it affects sleep. A principios del ano 2009, PIKOLIN lanza un concepto innovador, la campana Pikolin por la Salud Acústica, una experiencia pionera de concienciación social sobre la problemática del ruido ambiental y cómo afecta al sueño.


      As a result of its interest in preventative health, PIKOLIN launches the concept of PIKOLINTERAPIA; the objective of this campaign is to remind consumers about the importance of a perfect night's sleep as a key element in improving health. The new NormActive range is designed with this premise in mind, strengthening key concepts such as ergonomics, adaptability and comfort. La nueva gama NormActive? se disena en base a esta premisa, potenciando conceptos claves como ergonomía, adaptabilidad y confort.

    • Pikolin Innovations

      Pikolin exclusively presents the Dualtech spring block, a revolutionary dual pocket spring system which adapts itself perfectly to the sleeper's needs. Pikolin knows how important ventilation and the right temperature are for a good night's sleep, and, with this in mind, offers two significant innovations. The first is of these is fabrics containing Outlast - which regulate temperature, thus reducing temperature changes. The second is the Air Cool Technology perimeter ventilation for the sides of mattresses. Además, conscientes de la importancia de la ventilación y temperatura correcta en el descanso, Pikolin presenta dos innovaciones, una en los tejidos con el Outlast- tejido termoregulador por el que el durmiente ve reducidos los cambios de temperatura y por otra parte, los laterales de ventilación perimetral de Air Cool Technology.

    • NormActive

      With the launch of NormActive, Pikolin once again shows its technological leadership and its ability to develop products designed to ensure maximum comfort for its clients. Pikolin launches the new Pikolin Suenos mattress range, which was designed by Ágata Ruiz de la Prada. Pikolin launches the DecoBox, a new concept in lift up bed bases which uses cutting-edge upholstery materials and is the most user-friendly bed box on the market. Pikolin lanza al mercado la nueva gama de colchones Pikolin Suenos, disenados por Ágata Ruiz de la Prada. Pikolin lanza un nuevo concepto de abatible utilizando los nuevos materiales de última generación que lo convierte en la base tapizada con más ventajas del mercado: DecoBox.

    • Duosense

      At the Valencia Trade Fair, Pikolin presents - for the first time in Spain - Duosense, its new comfort material. This material has the benefits of both latex and visco-elastic foams in just one layer. This material was designed by Pikolin and is manufactured in its 180,000 square metres plant in Zaragoza.

    • You&Me

      Pikolin launches You&Me, the first mattress specifically designed for two people. The innovative features of this new model combine two levels of comfort and firmness in a single product, in order to meet each person's individual needs.

    • Model Milenium

      Pikolin launches the Milenium model, the Perfection of Innovation in mattresses, with its perfect combination of the adaptability of latex and the firmness of Normablock (which has the highest-specification spring block in the world).

    • Temporis

      Pikolin becomes the first sleep products manufacturer to adapt its products to the different user needs of the various age groups. In line with this focus, Pikolin launches the temporis system, especially created for senior citizens. The progressive spring system provides a more comfortable initial cushioning to reduce pressure points, while conserving the internal firmness needed to keep the sleeper's spine in the correct position.

    • Innovative mattress

      Pikolin welcomes the 21st Century with Milenium, a product made for the new era. This is a revolutionary mattress - it's the only spring mattress containing Termofoam, a new thermo-sensitive material which adapts to fit the sleeper's temperature imprint.

    • 50th anniversary

      Pikolin celebrates its 50th anniversary.

    • Introduction of the mattress bases

      Pikolin comes up with a new concept in sleep products - the comfort-space. This combines all the qualities of the fibermaster bed frame with the functionality of a storage base with plenty of space.

    • Certified

      Pikolin is awarded registered company certification (ISO 9002) by AENOR.

    • Normablock Top

      Pikolin develops the world's most advanced spring block - the normablock top.

    • Fibermaster

      Pikolin launches fibermaster, the first and only bed base which uses fibreglass and carbon fibre slats, and provides lumbar adjustment.

    • Facilities in Lisbon

      Pikolin opens its warehouse in Lisbon.

    • Facilities in Portugal

      Pikolin inaugurates its first Portuguese facilities in Maia (northern Portugal).

    • Multilayer bed base

      Development of a new generation of bed frames - the multi-slatted guardaespaldas range.

    • Normablock

      The revolutionary normablock spring block system is introduced into Spain by Pikolin. This is the product of the close relationship it has with the US company Leggett & Platt.

    • Launch of the first bed base

      Pikolin launches the guardaespaldas, the first slatted bed frame.

    • Seville

      New factory in Seville.

    • 25th anniversary

      Pikolin celebrates its 25th anniversary with the inauguration of its current factory, one the largest in the world. Its commercial network grows and reaches 35 branch offices.

    • Factory in Madrid

      A new factory is opened in Madrid. The famous springwall side spring mattress is introduced into Spain. Pikolin's commercial network continues to grow, and now has 27 branch offices.

    • The brand is born

      The company grows, and moves to larger premises. The Pikolin brand is created, and its commercial network now has 18 branches.

    • The beggining

      The Alfonso Soláns Serrano Company, which has seven employees, starts to make metal beds in a small factory in Zaragoza.