High firmness roll-up mattress with pocket coil springs and visco - VEZA

Veza is the premium model of our boxed mattresses line. An alternative that combines high quality and guarantees the best rest thanks to the combination of its materials and applied technologies. It is the result of over 70 years’ experience in the world of rest. This is the premium model of our boxed mattresses line, designed to meet all your needs and make your life easier. It is just that we would all like to live well rested. We deliver it to your home, rolled up so that you can easily handle it. You only have to open the box, unroll it, and wait for it to recover its shape, then you can finally enjoy your lifelong Pikolin like never before. Veza is a pocket coil spring mattress with Viscofoam and is the most complete option in this range because it offers a degree of total comfort and a medium-high level of firmness. This mattress is 28 centimetres high and measures 135x190, it has two sides, one with a mesh fabric and another in visco with a Stretch fabric, which will increase your feeling of rest. It includes Adaptech technology inside, which allows it to adapt on every inch to your body’s morphology without altering the firmness of the mattress; thus, you will not affect the comfort of the other sleeper if you sleep with a partner. It also has Viscofoam Soft and Viscofoam Firm layers, combining a layer of athermic fibre and a layer of polyester to create extra soft comfort and facilitate better breathability. Veza includes Pikolin’s exclusive Triple Barrera hygienic protection: anti-mites, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungal, which will provide you with an environment free of harmful external agents. Our line of boxed mattresses includes the Cala and Leah models.
Altura: +/-28,00cm
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  • Adapt Tech®: This mattress has the Adapt Tech® technology. The core of this mattress is made from pocket springs and has the special feature of adapting point by point to your body.

  • Viscofoam®: The Viscofoam® technology in the padding of this mattress is responsible for reducing pressure points and tensions on the neck, head and cervical spine.



  • Exterior fabric: POLIESTER:100 %

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