Normablock Firm high-firmness spring mattress - MORFEO DREAM

Normablock spring mattress with Progression Fiber padding
With high firmness to offer a higher quality rest
It offers high comfort and a soft reception
It is the perfect support for your back
Altura: +/-30 cm
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The Morfeo Dream high-firmness mattress has the firm version of our Normablock spring core. The Normablock Firm core is accompanied by the Progression Fibre padding layer, a combination of a soft foam layer and a polyester fibre layer, which facilitates a higher quality rest thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. The mixture of all these elements produces a sweet and soft contact that turns Morfeo Dream into the best choice if you are looking for a high-firmness mattress with a height of 30 cm.

1. Stretch Fabric: has a great feel and weight that provides elasticity and breathability.
2. Progression Fiber®: a combination of a Supersoft HR layer and a polyester fibre layer. This produces a sweet and soft contact when sleeping and this technology is also thermo-regulatory, which facilitates a higher quality rest.
3. High-density Reinforced Polyether: shock absorbing, which provides comfortable stability during rest.
4. Normablock Firm® Core: the most advanced continuous thread spring system on the market that offers the firmness and adaptation necessary for a complete rest.
5. It has five stitched-on handles, which make it easier to move and transport the mattress.
T. Triple Barrier®: Complete and continuous hygienic protection. It protects the user against the main causes of allergies, including mites, bacteria, and fungi, throughout the useful life of the mattress.

Continuous thread spring system that offers a high degree of firmness and adaptation for a full rest.

Healthy back position

We add a greater number of springs to the lumbar area to favour the recovery of the spine and back muscles.


The continuous thread springs offer greater durability of the useful life of the mattress by not integrating knots into the springs, together with a heat treatment applied to the entire core.

Less body pressure

We maximise the number of springs to improve stability with a better distribution of pressure.

Internal air circulation

They do not contain any internal barrier with the aim of favouring air circulation and maintaining the hygiene and durability of the materials.

Product details


  • Core technology: Continuous thread spring system that offers a high degree of firmness and adaptation for a full rest.

  • Padding technology: Progression Fiber® offers progressive comfort thanks to an exceptional reception due to the materials of this padding, a microclimate that favours air circulation, breathability and a constant temperature, and dynamic adaptability offering smooth movements when sleeping.


  • Thanks to the Normablock spring technology, this mattress offers great adaptability due to its firmness.

  • Thanks to its layer that combines athermic fibre with polyester fibre, it guarantees a high level of breathability.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester
  • Layers: stretch fabric, Progression Fiber® and Normablock® Firm

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