Waterproof, breathable and resistant mattress protector


100% polyester mattress cover, up to 34 cm high
Total protection covering all 6 sides of the mattress
Waterproof, protects the mattress from all liquids
No rattling noises when you move on the bed
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Altura: +/-34 cm |Bed equivalence
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Mattress cover composed of a waterproof and breathable top side thanks to the Smartseal membrane, which acts as a barrier against spills and liquids, keeping the mattress protected from stains and liquids, sweat or any mishaps with pets. Despite its waterproof capacity, the Smartseal membrane is fully breathable, allowing air to circulate freely for proper ventilation of the mattress. It is a practical and functional product that adapts perfectly to our daily lives, offering an effective solution to keep the mattress in good condition, extending its useful life. The cover is compatible with mattresses up to 34 cm in height, ensuring a perfect and safe fit. This cover is especially recommended if the base of the bed is a slatted bed base, as it covers the 6 sides of the mattress (100% of the mattress) that are exposed to external agents, such as dust and dirt. This guarantees a complete and durable protection, keeping it clean and hygienic.

Sleep soundly with a fully protected mattress

Full coverage

They cover the mattress in its entirety, protecting all sides of the mattress from dirt and friction. They are especially recommended if the base of your bed is a slatted bed base, ensuring the protection of the lower part of the mattress

Maximum breathability

Where there is no proper breathability, there is no rest. That is why all our mattress covers, whatever their material or treatment, are highly breathable, preventing excessive perspiration and guaranteeing comfort.

Easy to wash

They can be easily machine washed according to the instructions on the label.

What is this Waterproof Breathable Mattress Cover?

Because a waterproof and breathable protector keeps your mattress safe from liquids.


  • Waterproof barrier technology: The Smartseal membrane uses advanced technology to create a highly effective barrier against spills, liquids and stains from reaching the mattress.

  • Moisture control: The cover allows air circulation, keeping the mattress cool and ventilated, while preventing the formation of moisture and mould.


  • Composition: fabric: 100% polyester.

    Film: PU, waterproof and breathable. Suitable for mattress up to 34 cm deep.

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