Adapt-Tech Zone pocket spring mattress - CICLON PLUS

Adapt-Tech Zone pocketspring mattress
✓ 5 distinct zones for better sleeping posture
✓ Medium firmness
✓ Triple Barrier Hygiene Treatment
Height: +/-26,00cm
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The Ciclon Plus youth mattress made with Adapt-Tech Zone pocket springs and a layer of Viscofoam and fibre, is the perfect option for a restful rest for the youngest, and not so young, members of the house, with a height of 26 cm. The Adapt-Tech Zone pocket springs are independent and made of tempered steel. The Cyclone Plus mattress allows greater adaptability thanks to its zoning in 5 different zones, giving a personalised response during rest. Its layer of Viscofoam, high-density viscoelastic with memory effect, generates a very cosy surface, which adapts to the body of the person allowing the spine to adopt a natural and ergonomic posture, reducing blood pressure and dispersing the heat that we generate when we sleep. In addition, the Pikolin Ciclón Plus mattress has the Triple Barrier total hygiene technology that acts against the main causes of allergies: mites, bacteria and fungi, during its useful life.

1. Its Stretch fabric with a great feel and weight gives it elasticity and breathability.
2. The Viscofoam® layer adapts to the shape of the body, allowing the muscles to relax and the spine to adopt a natural and ergonomic posture. It also reduces blood pressure and disperses the heat we generate when we sleep.
3. Its high-density polyether cushioning provides comfortable stability during the hours of rest.
4. Its athermic fibre layer creates a soft comfort and allows air to pass continuously during rest.
5. High density polyether cushioning layer. 
6. The Adapt-Tech Zone core provides the necessary firmness for a complete and restorative rest.
T. Triple Barrera®: Pikolin's exclusive hygienic treatment that prevents the appearance of mites, bacteria and fungi.

With the Adapt Tech Zone technology, the mattress adapts to your body every night

Greater adaptability

Thanks to its division into five areas, this core adapts to the morphology of each person to strengthen the lumbar area and relieve the pressure on the hips.


It offers sleep independence: there is no transmission of movements from one part of the bed to the other.

Air circulation

The fabric into which the springs are packed allows air circulation and the passage of air in the core of this mattress.


Due to the structure of independent pocket coil springs, a system that is highly resistant to the passage of time is obtained.

Product details


  • Core technology: Pocket-coil innerspring unit that adapt point by point to the morphology of each sleeper. The Zone technology gives you five different areas that provide a customised response to body movements during rest.

  • Padding technology: The combination of Viscofoam® and athermic fibre allows the body to adapt and promotes breathability. 


  • Thanks to the Adapt-Tech technology of the pocket springs, the core adapts point by point to the morphology of each sleeper, offering stability.

  • Its Viscofoam padding layer receives a person depending on their pressure and thermal footprint. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and disperses the heat we generate when sleeping.


  • Layers: Stretch fabric,Viscofoam,Athermic fibre,Adapt Tech Zone,Athermic fibre,Viscofoam,Stretch fabric
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