SM26R Multi-slat bed base - SOMIER

The SM26R Multi-slat bed base has the following features: Perfect stability: in double beds, its central side rail provides greater resistance and a customized rest, thus avoiding the transfer of movements. Nonslip rubber brackets and active suspension swing arms on the bed frame and central bar that help a more efficient distribution. Maximum adaptability and active elasticity, guaranteed by: 26 wooden slats arranged two-by-two (13x2) that absorb the pressure exerted. 7 perfectly different and symmetrically distributed rest areas with different firmness. Reinforced central third with lumbar regulation: its double slats with independent firmness regulators adapt to each user: 3x2 on single beds. 6x2 on single beds. Maximum heat dispersion: the multitude of uniform spaces between slats guarantees optimum air circulation. Sling kit possibilities: Reinforced upper sling kit KT47050 or Standard upper sling kit KT47023 / Lower sling kit KT47013. Set of 2 StonePik legs, 26 cm in height, ref. JP18040.000.260.00
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Who is this Pikolin fixed bed base good for? 

Fixed bed bases are for heat-sensitive people as they favour the air circulation between the slats. They are also the perfect base for those who are looking for a base that enhances the adaptability of the mattress.

Why buy this Pikolin fixed bed base?

Choosing the right bed base is as important as buying the best mattress for your needs. The slats on fixed bed bases offer you an active adaptability, absorbing the pressure generated by the body whilst you sleep and further optimising the benefits of your mattress.
In double beds, the fixed bed bases incorporate a central beam to generate perfect stability, greater resistance and a personalised sleep. This type of bed base is also responsible for preventing the transmission of movements from one side of the mattress to the other.
And if you are a heat-sensitive person, the spaces between the slats help to disperse heat, fully optimising the ventilation of your rest equipment. In this way, you can regulate the temperature changes generated by the body during the night with no problems.


  • Exterior fabric: POLYESTER: 80% / VISCOSE: 20%