SM70 Fibermaster bed base - SOMIER

High-resistance carbon fibre bed base
It avoids the transfer of movements and provides firmness
Includes 4 legs that are 26 cm high
Setup and free collection of the old base included
Altura: +/-5 cm
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The bed base SM70 Fibermaster avoids the transfer of movements thanks to its two independent rest areas. The slats of this bed base are made of carbon fibre and have been designed, manufactured and patented exclusively by PIKOLIN. They provide maximum resistance and offer great adaptability and firmness. They also have hydrophobic, flame retardant and resistance properties that are superior to traditional wood slats. The side brackets of the slats are reinforced and provide extra firmness to the bed base, creating three rest areas. These areas are the lumbar area, the shoulders and legs area and the areas in between. The lumbar area has central slats with regulators. The shoulders and legs area has slats where the shoulders rest and another two where the legs rest. The areas in between have double central slats with lumbar regulators. This bed base includes four StonePik legs that are 26 cm high.

Bed bases: a safe rest at your fingertips

Customised resistance and rest

Pikolin's bed bases are characterised for adding extra adaptability to your rest, thanks to the resistance and flexibility of their slats. Our bed bases have been designed to offer the safety and comfort you need.

Greater stability in double beds

Our bed bases incorporate a central side rail in double beds, which provides it with greater adaptability and prevents you from noticing movements when sleeping.

Air circulation and no noise

The separation of the slats provides extra air circulation during rest and their nonslip covers distribute weight efficiently and prevent noise.

Product details


  • Thanks to this bed base, you will not notice your partner’s movements when sleeping, which guarantees a restorative rest.

  • Thanks to its side supports and central slats in the lumbar area, you will obtain higher firmness and a greater feeling of comfort and rest.


  • It avoids the transmission of movements thanks to its two independent rest areas on double beds
  • Carbon fibre slats: designed, manufactured and patented exclusively at PIKOLIN, with maximum resistance, adaptability and firmness
  • They have waterproof, flame-retardant and resistance properties that are superior in comparison with the traditional wooden slat
  • Reinforced side brackets: these provide an extra firmness to the bed base It has three rest areas thanks to the lumbar area that is configured by three central slats with regulators
  • Possibility for a trundle bed kit: reinforced upper trundle bed kit (KT47050) or standard upper trundle bed kit (KT47023)/Lower trundle bed kit (KT47013)
  • Set of two StonePik legs that are 26 cm high (Ref. JP18040.000.260.00.)
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