Adapt Tech youth pocket coil spring mattress - CHERRY

Pocket coil spring mattress with Viscofoam padding
With medium firmness to offer high comfort
Allows for a perfect stability
The perfect mattress for growing children
Altura: +/-22 cm
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The Cherry youth pocket coil spring mattress combines the core of Adapt-Tech technology pocket coil springs with viscoelastic foam and athermic fibre padding. Packed one-by-one into resistant fabric, these Adapt-Tech springs adapt to the morphology of each person. This youth mattress is a mixture between springs and visco, which provides better adaptability and comfort. It is the ideal support for growing children.

1. Stretch Fabric: has a great feel and weight that provides elasticity and breathability.
2. Viscofoam®: padding layer that supports a person depending on their pressure and thermal footprint, adapting to their body shape. It also reduces blood pressure and disperses the heat we generate while sleeping.
3. Athermic Fibre: it creates extra smooth comfort and lets air continuously pass through during rest for better breathability.
4. High-density Reinforced Polyether: shock absorbing, which provides comfortable stability during rest.
5. Adapt-Tech® Core: pocket coil springs that adapt point by point to the morphology of each sleeper and favours sleep independence.
T. Triple Barrier®: Complete and continuous hygienic protection. This barrier protects the user against the main causes of allergies, including mites, bacteria, and fungi, throughout the useful life of the mattress.

Adapt-Tech: Pocket-coil innerspring unit, independent from each other and packed in resistant and durable fabric.


The shock absorber on these mattresses provides them with a perfect stability, whereas the Adapt Tech® pocket coil spring system ensures that the mattress adapts to your most comfortable position every night to obtain a fully restorative rest.


No transmission of movements from one part of the bed to the other. If you share a rest space, you will not have to worry about the other person’s movements as this core of springs adapts point by point to each morphology.

Air circulation

The fabric into which the springs are packed allows air circulation and the passage of air in the core of this mattress.

Product details


  • Core technology: Pocket-coil innerspring unit, independent from each other and packed in resistant and durable fabric.

  • Padding tecnology: Viscofoam® is responsible for reducing pressure points and tensions in the neck, head and cervical spine. The athermic fibre provides stability and firmness, and also has moisture-insulating properties, which create a dry environment that inhibits the growth of agents that are harmful to health.


  • Thanks to the Adapt-Tech technology of the pocket springs, the core adapts point by point to the morphology of each sleeper, offering stability.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester
  • Layers: stretch fabric, Viscofoam®, athermic fibre, Adapt Tech®, athermic fibre, Viscofoam®, stretch fabric
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