Normasense Firm+ spring mattress - GOLDEN GATE

Golden Gate is a Normasense Firm spring mattress together with a layer of Progression Fibre padding. This mattress, thanks to its 5 rest areas, offers an extra degree of firmness without sacrificing maximum adaptation. The combination of these materials produces a sweet and soft contact while sleeping, and this technology is also thermoregulatory, which facilitates a higher quality rest.
Altura: +/-30,00cm
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Normasense Firm+: It is the natural evolution of the Normablock continuous thread springs, with five rest areas and much more firmness, which include a soft reception in the hip area. It allows the mattress to adapt to the natural contour and maintains it


Thanks to the sectioned innerspring unit combined with the shock absorbers, it supports the body of every sleeper, contributing to the correct position of their back, regardless of the position they choose to sleep in.

Progressive firmness

Ability to respond to weights, going up and down with high levels of comfort and stability.

Greater durability

Thanks to its continuous thread technology, the core is less affected, which extends the useful life of the mattress.

More firmness

This is the firm option of the Normazone core. An extra touch of firmness that provides the ideal support for your spine.

Product details


  • Outer fabric: 88% viscose and 12% polyester
  • Layers: viscose fabric, Progression Fiber® and Normasense® Firm+
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